Yamaha QT50F - need parts


Need carburetor for my Yamaha QT50F, chassis No. 3L5 237572, engine No. 3L5 237572, new or used. Apreciate any help or info where to find.



Re: Yamaha QT50F - need parts

The yellow pages under Motorcycles. Look for your nearest Yamaha dealer and he'll order anything you want for your QT50F.

Re: Yamaha QT50F - need parts

Reeperette /

I dunno much about the QT50F, but if I couldn't find an OEM carb, I would try to get a smaller Mikuni carb and mount that - as long as the intake manifold is the right size and it fits on the vehicle, it should work fine.....once you get the mixture on it right, that is.

Try asking around Honda/Yamaha/Suzuki dealers.


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