Thanks everyone

I just wanted to post a quick but hearty "Thank You" to everyone for sharing their knowledge, wisdom, skill, and experience with mopeds. You have all helped me discover one of life's true joys. Between working on my moped, or just cruising down the street at a cool 12mph, this is something that definatly gets into your blood.



Re: Thanks everyone

gimmyjimmy /

you better work on it some more if it will only do 12mph.:)

Re: Thanks everyone

That's not what I meant....but thanks for the suggestion : )


Re: Thanks everyone

Speed is way over rated. I've seen more interseting things just around the neighborhood on my mopeds than I ever had in a car.

The ped will take you many places you've never seen in a car!

Jim C.

Re: Thanks everyone

Thats right... do you know what a sign that says "Road Ends" means ??

It means........ 'trail begins".

Re: Thanks everyone

Chris Robertson /

Right on, Fred!

I use the same philosophy when I see "Dead End" or "No Exit" signs. In urban areas there's <i>almost always</i> a way to keep going on a ped. I treat those signs like a challenge.


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