Doing something about this flame war

Simon King /

So by now everyone is pretty sick of the flame war going on. I haven't done anything about it until now, because I try to keep this forum very open and allow negative posts to be made. However, I would like to keep those negative comments on topic, meaning actual criticism of mopeds - which can then be defended. This sort of discussion is healthy to the community. All this talk about homo-sexuality and it's relation to mopeds isn't.

I have hidden the main thread that caused this problem. I'm referring to the one entitled "MOPED ARMY BLOWS...FAGS" and posted under the fake name of Reeperette. One of the key reasons that this thread has been hidden is the obvious attack on an individual on the forum, and the impersonation of that individual. If you attack the moped then we can all defend it, but attacking an individual isn't something that I think anyone gains from.

Some reactionary threads that were associated with the main thread have been deleted. The main thread can be restored if necessary; the deleted threads are gone forever.

I really hate to do this sort of thing, but we have a good community here and I don't like to see torn up by mindless actions.

Dan Tisone, if you're like to email me directly about any problems that you have concerning the board or Ree then I'd be glad to hear them. Emailing Ree directly would work as well. The public forum however, isn't the place for that discussion. It's getting in the way of us discussing something that we <i>personally</i> enjoy and love -- <b>mopeds</b>.

Re: Doing something about this flame war

Thanks for taking some action Simon! A lot of people depend on the Gurus and other helpful people to save them a lot of grief.I've really benefited from this forum,and I thank everyone for their help.

Re: Doing something about this flame war

GOOD CALL SIMON !! I think it had gotten out of hand and glad you took action. There are some sick puppy`s out there! I also get alot of great info from the Form. Doug D.

Re: Doing something about this flame war

Thanks, Simon.

I guess these pathetic latchkey kids are home alone now that school is out and don't have any idea of what fun it is to be outdoors in the summer.

Their penalty will be when they start to work and are cooped up with a computer 8 hours a day.

Then they'll regret the time wasted doing this kind of idiotic stuff.


Re: Doing something about this flame war

GREAT. That had gone on long enough, and was ruining the forums. I just think it's too bad that you have to babysit and edit every posting that is put up... But thanks anyway.

I also think you should look into doing some legal action, and get those jerks punished. Kids like that are going to turn out to be leaches on society, I put them in the same boat as moped thieves - Mean spirited, thoughtless and in desperate need of some punishment or a swift kick in the ass.

The other problem is that you can' t just get ahold of the parents and let them know what their little jerks are up to, because if the children act like that, the parents are most likely idiots as well.

Re: Doing something about this flame war

Good call, Simon. As one who couldn't resist the urge to respond to the little punk, sorry for not resisting the temptation. This is a fine forum and very informative. Keep up the good work.

Re: Doing something about this flame war

Thank you Simon ! I guess I am too old to understand children like that.


Re: Doing something about this flame war

Rich King /

Thank you Simon. I think all of us who depend on this forum as a vehicle for information regarding our mopeds are fully behind you on this one. I am for sure.

Not to perpetuate any thing here, but its interesting that one of the threads suggested that some of these abusers of the Forum were in the same class as moped theives. Check out how they (Moped Theives) are dealt with here in VA (www. - - print edition Metro section 6/27/01 [the dude (no teenage hoodlum either -- age 22) was killed in a crash during a "low speed chase " with the police.(Were've we heard that term before? OJ). Most likely because he didn't know how to put on a helmet. The article goes on to say to say he died of head injuries because the helmet fell off when he fell of the ped. Duh, stupid criminals.)


Moped Thieves and Darwinism.

Reeperette /

Sounds like a definate case for the Darwin Award, Rich.

I had a bit of a scare once...well, actually one of my ex's did, they called her after someone with ID saying they were me was in a nasty moped wreck.

Gee..good call, pull an identity theft on me, get on a moped, and get run over !

Mind, this was about eight months AFTER I wrecked.

Guess you have to give it to the guy - his impersonation was pretty good.

Anyhow, they call her cause it didn't look good for the poor sodder, and she might be needed to identify the stiff, right ? - and this was the SECOND call of such a type she had recieved, the first was when I wrecked....

So she freaks out and calls ME, and me, not being happy bout being woke up at the ungodly hour of 8am....growl a bit and tell her imma fine, well...fine as one gets in the shape I was in, anyhow....and eventually I get a cop at my door to look me up and down and confirm I was really me....geeze.

So the dude croaks, and they put the Death Cert in MY file afore the cops figure out to tell the Doc's that this stiff ain't me - oh joy of joys....hey Reep ? YOU'RE DEAD.

Bah, we got the matter settled, but whatta mess, you know ?

As an anti theft measure...for a while I used to disconnect my brake cables if I had to leave my 'ped for an extended period of time....till one day I forgot to hook em up and nearly did myself in that way.

Here's a hint...if ya ever think of swipin my wheels ? Don''s REAL bad juju.


Re: Doing something about this flame war

Goddamn whiners!!!!! Your all a bunch of crying fucking babies. Your pathetic. All but one post here contain some kind of whine. Gimme a break.

Re: Doing something about this flame war

how ironic, someone whining about whiners lol :-)

Re: Moped Thieves and Darwinism.

Rich King /


While it was tragic what happend to this fool and I do feel bad for his family, perhaps this was a bit of the old wild west (I mean horse theives got hung didn't they?) that briefly fast forwarded itself into the 21st centrury. Anyway, for me at least, there is some solice in justice - -"Street Justice".

Along this same line, my departed father (bless his soul) taught me a lesson is still remember (and I'm a real old geezer compared to most of you guys). He caught me w/some bubble gum I stolen (shoplifted) from the local deli. Not only did he whupp my butt good w/the razor strap, he made me (under threat of another whuppin) not only pay Mr. Cohen for the bubble gum, but personally apologize for stealing money from him. Buddy that was hard, a real humbling experience for me.

While today Pop would have been halled off by the cops for for child abuse, there is still a lesson to be learned here from "old time justice". In fact Mr. Cohen's wife (Mr. C died years ago) who is 88 still remembers this incident too and tells me and everyone at her nursing home about it and what an honest guy I turned out to be after being straightend out by my Dad at an early age.

Like you said, " it's real bad juju to steal" anything.

Re: Doing something about this flame war

not whining. stating the obvious

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