"First time mopeder, HELP ME!!!"

"I got a Jawa 210 moped in not so working condition for free, and bought a mechanics manual for it and a couple of parts that needed to be replaced and got the moped up to what would seem working order, or at least drivable.....I have a solid spark and fuel is making it to the piston compartment....but it wont start....help me. Here are some pecualiar things I dont quite understand, maybe you can diagnos the problem. For now I took off the small black cover from the carbuerator, It connects to the frame of the bike and acts as the air filter, when I am peddleing the moped and I try throttling the handle, gas comes spraying out of the air intake of the carbuerator. And does the spark plug have to fire off every second or so like on a car or should it be a strong continuos spark? PLEASE HELP!!! THANX"


ever tried

1 try remove exhaust and try to start

2 is ignition timing correct, if you don`t

know how to do ask me

3 is choke valve open after throttle full open ?

email me

lots of success

ps what is the app of the spark plug and

how is the spark itself ?



it sounds like to me you need to make

sure the floats ar ok and especially that

the needle and seat are sealing the carb

the floats should close the entry of fuel

by pushing the needle up to close entry of

fuel to the carb bowl. seems like the fuel is just flying thru the carb into the cylinder and by your pedalling out thru

the carb and exhaust again. take off exhaust

when trying to start to see if fuel comes

out the exhaust. if so you have a carb prob.

toronto moped on the www might have parts

for that bike--if not hang onto it . i always run across dead mopeds and yours sounds pretty complete

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