Delete these idiots !!

Simon... I know you want this to be an "open forum"... But what is the benefit of having these misguided children take advantage of the "openness" by posting pure nonsense ?

They don't have anything interesting or informative or humorous to say.

They are only destructive (as children whom are not watched by adults typically are).

I see NOTHING to the benefit of "openness" when it is taken advantage of like this.. they are not arguing a point of any sort.

If they were arguing a point.. I don't care how nasty it is, I would probably read it to see what they were talking about.

This... just drags down the rest.

If you delete them... they will get bored and go elsewhere.

Re: Delete these idiots !!

Another thing----if any of these children post on here--DON'T REPLY! Don't give them the satisfaction of responding to their drivel. Soon they will learn that spamming this forum is pointless. If everyone just ignores them, their little game isn't much fun anymore.

Re: Delete these idiots !!

Ataristyle /

Nicely said Pegg!

Re: Delete these idiots !!

It won't work Peggy... people cannot help themselves.

It first requires that they understand your idea... and many do not.

And... It requires discipline that many young people don't have.

They want to sling mud right back.

Just delete them... they have nothing good to offer.

They ought to be spanked.. or given time-outs.

Re: Delete these idiots !!

Reeperette /

Peggy, unfortunately that presumes an ounce of sense on their part.

I won't give the little dillwads any ideas but stating exactly how, here - but they'll just change their methods if they realize they are being ignored, I've seen it a hundred times before.

Mostly they just 'talk', as it were to hear the sound of their own 'voice'...whether we respond or not matters less to them than it used to when such tactics did work - but the most recent generations of these creeps just don't seem to care.

Pulling the posts would stop them, and would put a dent in it for sure because they then cannot go back and drool over their own posts, which is more than half the reason they do this.

Contacting their providers and getting them canned is also a significant deterrent, as it having them hauled into Juvie court for a Judge to hand them a couple weeks worth of community service - which, in my opinion, is a very proper response to a little punk like this.....if he has so much free time on his hands that he's doing this, he can then put it into something actually useful while learning a valuable life lesson.

Of course, I happen to be less civilized in person - but little punks like these guys never leave the house anyway, given that their very nature eventually causes everyone who knows them personally to want their head on a plate, so that's a moot point anyhow.


Re: Delete these idiots !!

jess_monster /

I kind of agree with the community service. I just got done doing twenty hours today. It really sucks. I was told to go to the local cemetary and do it there. I weed whacked for twenty hours. The whole reason I was there is because I had to go home one night after partying. I didn't want to drive so I was walking and the cop just came up and asked me if I was drinking. It was bullshit. But I guess I shouldn't have been drinking. What I learned.... Don't get caught....and if you do running gets you the same sentance as just standing there.

But back to the point. I think if he does end up getting community service I'd bet he won't do it again.....I'm two cents poorer now.

Re: Delete these idiots !!

Jess Monster,it does my heart good to hear a guy is smart enough and humble enough to not become bitter about being punished.I really respect your decision not to drive in your condition and if more young people had your attitude there'd be less of them being killed behind the wheel.Maybe I'm too soft-hearted but if I had been that cop I would have just given you a ride home and praised you for being wise enough not to drive.ALSO,I agree with you four about not replying and especially with Ree and Fred about deleting the trash if possible.I really enjoy this site.I've never been more impressed with a group of people,and how 99% of them bend over backwards to help someone who asks for it.Way to go,MOPEDARMY !!

Re: Delete these idiots !!

Simon King /

I have deleted a bit, and hidden some more. See my post <a href="/forums/discuss/1/11690/11690/">here</a>.

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