Honda PA50-II electrics

Tom Waddington /

I am trying to get a friend's PA50-II to run but am having very little success. The wiring has been pulled out of the headlight enclosure and I am not sure that the wires are connected together correctly. The magneto appears to be generating about 3 volts dc when I pedal the bike and the horn will work while pedaling also. I checked the condenser with my tvm and it appears to be working fine. The primary windings of the coil measured from the points to ground appear to be intact.

When I pedal, there is no spark. If I continuously toggle the kill switch while pedalling, I will get a spark during the transition from kill to run. I cannot find a spot on the switch where I can get continuous spark. Can anyone offer any suggestions or any help with the wiring in the headlight casing?

bypass the harness

To get it to run just run one wire coming from the points straight to the input wire on the coil.

.. Just bypass the entire rest of the electric system to get it to run.

Then you can figure out what to do to "rewire" it if you want to.

If you go straight from the points to the coil you won't have an on/off switch... but you can work that in later.

Re: bypass the harness

Ron Brown /


If you get a spark sometimes when you switch from stop to run, you are effectively opening the points as the kill switch is in parallel. Either the points are not really closing, no contact, or possibly, the flywheel has shifted becaus of a broken key and the power pulse from the magneto coil is not at the time the points open.


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