puch needle valve

I recently lost the needle valve and the ring that attaches it to the accelerater cable on my 78 puch maxi-luxe and need to know where i can find a replacement. I live in sommervile ma (near boston) and if any one in the area knows were to get one let me know<br>

Re: puch needle valve

thelmacr@gte.net /

"josh: The best place to get a hard to find part such as that would probably be &quot;Steve's Moped and Bicycle World&quot;, they have ALOT of moped parts that you can't find anymore, they deliver anywhere in the US, I got some hard to find Jawa moped parts from them. The US number is (201)384-7777 I think they are open 10:30am to 7pm monday through friday"

RE: puch needle valve

<HTML>Moped parts - service manuals - service tips available from http://sportsbay.com.Puch-Motobecane-Sachs-Garelli-Honda and more</HTML>

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