I just missed out!!2 Ciao's 550$

Jeremiah Slayback /

Ok,550$ seems like a cool deal,not only that, one had 100mi. and the other had 300mi.!I called Right when I saw the ad. I wanted to cry when the lady said she just sold them! If it wasnt for the so called "gas crises" I would probably have 2 twin Ciao's sittin with my puch free spirit,78'Batavus,Sears Yankee Pedlar,junked out suzuki 50-80' Malacuiti,81'Honda Passport,and finally my 85'Honda Aero.Im gonna post pictures soon!

Re: I just missed out!!2 Ciao's 550$

Yeah,J.J.! I'd be eatin' TUMS and drinkin' Canadian Club if I'd missed one(two)like that! Here's to ya' for tryin' though.I hope whoever got them will make themselves or some kid happy with them.By the way,I think it's `MALAGUTI' and it seems like there's a pic of one here on this site or on Moped2.org. BYE!

Re: I just missed out!!2 Ciao's 550$

Jeremiah Slayback /

I knew I spelled it wrong!Im still mad about the ones that got away!

Re: I just missed out!!2 Ciao's 550$

No use crying over spilt milk of magnesia.

After I got my Vespa Grande my friend Steve wanted one. As luck would have it we found one for $40 at a Vespa Swap Meet. Around $100 buck later he has a running Grande and now his brother wants one too.

A year later, this weekend at the same event, we find ANOTHER red Grande. This one was $50 and will probably take the usual $100 fix.

So there you go. Keep looking!!

BTW, all three are the Super Deluxe, with turn indicators.

Jim C.

Re: I just missed out!!2 Ciao's 550$

Thriller~ /

where is this vespa swap meet at??


Matching Ciaos

I currently have pair of 1977 Vespa Ciao Deluxe mopeds, one Red the other Blue. Each has less than 150 original miles, Both in excellent condition.

pics at http://www.zippymoped.homestead.com/CustomandClassicMopeds.html

Re: Matching Ciaos

Hi--I saw your message and pics of the pair of Vespa Ciao's. They look great!

I was able to buy what I think is the deluxe model in blue at a local yard sale (Tea, SD, USA) for $65.00. I'm not sure of the year, but I have the VIN #'s by year so will look it up soon.

It was in great shape and has been a ton of fun as it ran fine at first, but now we're having trouble starting it. The local bike shops aren't keen to work on it. When we ask how to tune it up, they tell us to change the spark plug. Well..ok, but seems the carb is sucking too much air as well. So we'll continue our quest for a bike tech who won't laugh when we tell them what it is. They just don't seem to appreciate these fun little mopeds. Thanks for letting me visit about my sweet little "Blue". Lori

Re: Matching Ciaos

Did you read fred's guide? You can tune it yourself. It's really easy.

Re: Matching Ciaos

Thanks for the suggestion. If my DH can drop a tranny into a pickup, guess he can teach me to tune up Blue. Where can I find Fred's guide?


Re: Fred's Guide is located...

in the "RESOURCES" section.

Click on the link at the top of this page, to the right of the Moped Army logo.


Re: Matching Ciaos

Thanks Toehead-did a search and found it. Just what I needed. Lori

Re: Fred's Guide is located...

Thanks everyone.

Re: Matching Ciaos

I am interested, can you tell me year, condition, price and locATION? tHANKS

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