Puch Transmissions (again)

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I was just curious, I understand that second gear in the two speed is the same ratio as the single speed, but it seems like my single speed goes faster than my two speed, and the two speed is actually geared higher at the sprocket than the one speed. Did Puch make transmissions with different internal ratios or are they all the same and I'm just imagining things? (Side by side at the same speed, it seems like my two speed wraps out in second when the single speed still has another 5 to 10 mph)

The single speed is a 77 Newport (same as Maxi) and the two speed is a 79 Maxi

Re: Puch Transmissions (again)

I always thought that the two speed Puchs would have a higher top end than the single speeds also, but it's not the case. The first gear is lower so it'll be faster off of the line than a single speed then it shifts into a gear that's the same as a single speed. It can climb steeper grades than a single speed without you having to peddle it. Do both have the same horse power rating i.e. 1.0, 1.5, or 2.0 ? This was accomplished by putting a thick head gasket, and or a smaller intake manifold on the bike. One HP bikes have the gaskets and small manifolds or carb. By going to a smaller rear sprocket on the two speed, you should be able to equal out the speed differances, and your two speed should pull the taller gearing on take off also; it'll be quicker.

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