Fender Clearance

Wayne Broderick /

Hey, Ree...

I read the other post about the spacing on the front and rear fender, but I'm still a little unclear on how to do it. Is there any way you would explain it again but idiot proof?

I need to raise the fender up an inch or more, My main grey area is how to extend the arms that hold the fender to the front axle. I'm going to go out and put my bike away and I'll take another good look at it.

Anyone else, please advise as well...


Re: Fender Clearance

Wayne Broderick /

One other Question-- Where do you reccomend after market shocks? I cant find any at moped Junkyard.


Re: Fender Clearance

Reeperette /

Lemme look at mine tomorrow and I will see what I can come up with....after hittin up my lawyers office at 9am, that is....


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