qt50 parts

can anyone help me? I am looking for some parts for a 79' qt50-

i need a fuel cock

brake pads



& some misc. parts does anyone know a goodplace to get these? Also how hard is it to put new brake pads/shoes etc on???

Re: qt50 parts

XBrandon EdgeX /


Try Ebay. I've seen many parts lots for japanese mopeds there. Oh, and your local Yamaha dealer can still probably get most of those parts.

Brake pads are easy. Just take the wheel off and the hub should come out with all the pads attached. You can change the pads using some pliers and vise grips.

Re: qt50 parts


I also need some parts for my Yamaha QT50F, chassis No. 3L5 237572, engine No. 3L5 237572, especially carburetor. If you get any offer for it and you don't need it plase pass it over to me.



Re: qt50 parts

Gene Coates /

looking for a 6v

koito 20 watt headlamp.

any ideas on where i can get a new one....

Gene Coates

Re: qt50 parts

Gene Coates /


i just found out from my son, who cruises in his

suzuki-rice rocket,

that, dennis kirk street, has moped type parts,

i coincidentally came across, the drum brakes, on

page 323 of their 2001 catalog. 11.99 ea

i am supposed to receive them nextweek.

i hope this helps; gene

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