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Steve thompson /

Please could anybody help me, i live in the north east of the uk, i need to know what i need to be legally able to drive ( no sarcasm please ) eg. provisional driving licence etc also what would be the cheapest option for getting new/nearly new bike. any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers steve!!

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well i dont live in uk

but I live in canada

all i know is that if it is under 50cc you dont need a liscense

all u need is a helmet


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Jamie Leonard /

Actually not entirely true - as with the US, canada has different regulations based on which province/state you're in. Ontario you need a license, registration (mind you the license can be just about anything... a car learners permit does me fine and registration is not a big issue usually) BC has entirely different regulations from ontario, nova scotia has a different set again... all classify just what IS a moped differently (BC no pedals is ok, ontario you have to have pedals, so on and so on)

Best thing is to check and see if your local transportation office (ministry of transportation for we canucks) has a webpage or has an info number you can call to check - with luck they can steer you in the right direction


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Chris Robertson /

Hi Shmiver:

<a href="">What province</a> do you live in? Here in Ontario (as with every province) you <b>definitely</b> require a driver's license of some sort (learner's permit is fine in Ontario).

What you said is one of the most troublesome urban myths you'll hear about mopeds. Uncle Carl may tell you that you don't need a license, registration, or insurance, but the cops seem to use a different set of rules...

You might want to double-check the laws in your province/territory.


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