My new money pit

XBrandon EdgeX /

1979 Puch Maxi MKII

The good:

Wheels, shocks, ignition (for the most part)

The bad:


Hole in the float

beat up, cross-threaded jet

corrosion galore

Intake gasket made from what appears to be leather

Fuel filter has about 1/4 inch of sediment in it


Leaky gaskets

2X or more over full (and with the wrong oil)

Crack in the aluminum clutch cover.


Not too bad, just a rusty tank and warped front and rear fender

The ugly:

One of the bolts holding one of the front shocks on looks like it came out of a kitchen cabinet.

The kill switch is made of metal, and if you touch the button and the handlebars at the same time, zap zap zap zap

No engine covers, which really doesn't affect it, i just don't like how it looks. You can see all the wires hanging where they shouldn't and you can see the curved hose that takes the place of the airbox (not really sure what the theory was behind that.)

I just wanted to share this with everyone. I'm having fun making it right. It's gonna be a time consumer, but it's not like I have a job or anything. :)

Re: My new money pit

Hey,X Brand! That carburetor's off my `62 Stewdeebaiker! Give it back,you!

Re: My new money pit

ill sell ya a maxi carborator off a 78 maxi in good condition for 30 bucks.

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