decarbonizing combustion chamber

I have no idea whether i should take this on as a project. My moped has 9000 miles, and i was thinking now might be the time to clean out the combustion chamber. Anyone who has done this, please tell me, should i hold out for more miles? Do I need anything beyond a new head gasket to do it? How high up there does this rank in the "what the hell was I thinking" bracket?

Thank you.

Re: decarbonizing combustion chamber

Ron Brown /


I have been concentrating now for several milliseconds but I am still unable to get a clear picture of your ped. If this is the same info you use to order gaskets, you definitely should not attempt this job.

Post the year and model of your ped and why you think you should de-carb., is it slowing down? Someone may just tell you it is a piece of cake. :)


Let them eat Cake!

crotchety old fart #2 /


Assuming you have a 2 stroke moped with an exposed cylinder head... then scraping carbon off the head is as easy as pie (cake?).

And you could only screw it up if you strip the head bolts when you go to put it back on or something like that.

As long as you do not use a pneumatic jackhammer or dynamite to get the carbon off.. you really can't go wrong.

However... there is no performance improvement to be had by scraping carbon off the cyl head.. in fact it will reduce your compression.. which means less torque for acceleration.

There is one possible problem though... if you attempt to scrape the carbon off the top off the piston without removing the cylinder you will undoubtedly leave some loose carbon bits down around the piston rings.. which can't be good.. (and again.. there is no performance gain from this either).

If.. however.. your exhaust port is clogged with carbon.. then you WILL get more top end.. you can check this by laying the ped over on its side and removing the exhaust pipe and looking up at the piston.

To clean that out properly you will need to remove the entire head and cylinder and scrape it out with a screwdriver or whatever... scratches won't hurt anything.

nitey nite yall


Re: Let them eat Cake!

Chris Robertson /

If you plan to take the lower part of the cylinder off, you should read <a href="">Fred's guide</a> about putting it back on.

The first time I had to put the cylinder back on while compressing the rings, holding the piston, and sliding the cylinder it took me a while! It gets easier everytime you do it, though.

Although it can be tricky, it isn't very complicated. And as long as you don't get dirt inside the engine it's a pretty safe operation to perform.


Re: decarbonizing combustion chamber

Yer go on give it a try. my only advice is to do it when you dont need to use your ped for something important just incase you accadently break a piston ring or something

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