Scooter Vs. Moped

Wayne Broderick /

I had a girl on a kymco scooter riding zoom past me today-- Up a hill--! Was wondering why scooters seem to be faster? Something about the transmission maybe?

Re: Scooter Vs. Moped

It might be more than 50cc.. those Kymco's come in many sizes.

And.. its evolution baby.

You ride a Tomos? That is a pretty old design... and the Asians are pretty clever engineers... you give them 20/30 years at something.. and it gets BETTER!!

(Kymco hasn't been at it for 30 years.. but you can bet they did a whooole lot of copying to catch up with the Japs.)

That's why.

Wayne...Are you the guy with the Blackbird?

(thats 40 years worth of Honda evolution.. and it shows)

Re: Scooter Vs. Moped

Wayne Broderick /

I did chat with the girl riding it-- she said it was a 49cc, but it was BIG for a 49cc bike... No, I have one bike--a Tomos Targa...

Thanks.... Was just curious...

Re: Scooter Vs. Moped

Wayne Broderick /

Here is a picture of the bike that roared past me yesterday. Not a moped, but it is 50cc class. Quite snazzy really, and there was a 'mobabe' driving it! (With her 'boytoy' on the back seat!)

Seriously though, I was impressed by the design, and she said she was extremely happy with it.

I think it must have cost about 2500$, but it was a sharp machine.


Re: Scooter Vs. Moped

yea, scooters are awesome, i used to own a Honda Aero 50 (86), until i purchased a 2001 Tomos Targa. The Targa seems to handle better generally but the scooter had better torque (because of the smaller wheels) and ZOOMed up steep hills like nothing (my targa has trouble with hills). Scooters seem to have more futuristic designs which slightly resemble a sportbike at times, and their performance and ride also mimics a small motorcycle, not a moped. A scooter's feel and ride generally is better than a moped, scooter's dash also seems more complex and nicer than moped's simple dashboard.

((After saying all this, you may wonder: what is this punk doing here if he likes scooters so much? And the answer is simple, i sold my Aero because i HAD TO, the DMV wouldnt let a 15 year old in NJ ride one without a motocycle lisence, and after getting pulled over after riding with no lisence (or insurance or registration), I was left with one (logical) choice, get a MOPED legal bike, and grow to love that, which i did. Although my targa is rather problematic, I love it, its my ride, but if i had the choice would I take my 1986 Aero over it? Probably))

Re: Scooter Vs. Moped

scoooters are lighter and they dont have gears like your moped

Re: Scooter Vs. Moped

Rich King /

These "threads" are very interesting and I personally found out about the "scoot" vs "peds" controversy last winter. I got a '76 Puch w/160 original miles on it. It wouldn't pull the steep hills in my town. I put a 70 cc kit on it and it flys. No real problems but I'm still breaking in it in, so to speak. However, while having it service at the Ped Shop, I looked at and bought a Derbi scooter. While waiting around to get the cash together for the Derbi, I rode the my ped and loved it. I did some interesting things w/it -- like running out of gas on a vintage motorcycle run. Anyway, once I got the scoot, which I ride more than the ped (I won't sell it because I have too much tied up in it) I did learn a few things. First in 24 years, 49 cc technology really has advanced (both had the same displacement even before the kit swap). Let me tell you, my scoot could have literally run away and hid from the the PUCH before the engine work. With the 70 cc kit, the scoot can only run away from the ped, but hiding is not out of the question on a long curvey run. The previous guy is right. Wait 25-30 and see what kind of advances Peds have besides, a bunch of "ole geezers" (like me) enjoying riding them while my geriatic counterparts are trying to sell their Harley's.

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Chris Robertson /

Hi Wayne:

Mopeds are deliberately hobbled (for regulatory reasons) so they typically generate less than two hp. Two hp is not the maximum power output of a 50cc engine!

Scooters, which aren't limited by the same regulations (most places consider them "motorcycles"). They can be engineered to attain much better output.

We just have to get used to having less power than a typical chainsaw/lawnmower/weedwacker.


Re: Scooter Vs. Moped

This is a very ugly scooter. A fashionable, with-it individual like Jojo would not dare be seen by my peers on such a monstrous example of modern fru-fru design. What a lark!

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a scooter has a CVT (constant variable transmission)

which is a belt with a variator and as the rpms increase the belt gets tighter making the (gear) size in the front bigger and smaller in the back

so up hills these things will tear because they get the best gear for any setting because they have constantly changing gears

the tomos has one gear so there is less pulling power up hills

really what would be the best thing is a scooter engine and transmission on a moped because you would go soooo fast

Re: Scooter Vs. Moped

Chris Robertson /

Hi Ivan:

Lots of mopeds have variators (CVTs).

For example:

Vespa Grandes, Honda PA-50s, Peugeot 103s.


Re: Scooter Vs. Moped

Ron Brown /


Seems I read somwhere that Motobecane invented it, don't leave them out.


Re: Scooter Vs. Moped

Hey, my name is Kyle Nelson and I am thinking of making a scooter that I can ride around @ moderate speeds. Will a weedwacker engine be powerful enough? and what is the possibility of attaching two to it?

Re: Scooter Vs. Moped

Actually Kymco has made about 6 million scooters since 1963, so, using

all my fingers and toes, that's over 30 years worth of continuous quality

improvement. I love their People50 single seater at 49.5 cc.

They keep things light weight with plastics, magnesium, etc.

But really, the only fair comparison is MoPed to Razor scooter and

that foot-powered ilk.


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