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I got the 1976 Jawa Babetta to run, but it just revs very high rpms and then dies. Does anybody have any clue to what the problem might be. I cleaned the carb and the muffler and put everything back properly. At least I got it to run. I also made sure the carb is getting gas from the fuel line. Is this carb sucking air or something? Thanks for any help. Dan.

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Yeah, been there, but with a Yamaha IT250. The slide in your carb is not lined up with the pin in the carbs body so when you start it up, it immediately goes full throttle plowing anything in its path over. I take it it's a Bing or Jichov carb being Czech, look down into the bore where the slide goes and you'll see a pin, your slide will have a groove in it. Just line them up and put it together, operate the throttle and look into the intake end of the carb. You should see the slide move up and, most importantly, all the way down.

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Reeperette /

It's an Encarwi Carb, I do believe...and yeah, it might be sucking air.

The slide in that only goes one way, and it's real hard to mess that up...

There's an idle screw on the left hand side of it, which might be your problem....try adjusting that.

In addition to checking the idle, timing and for possible air leakage - check your throttle cable settings...Jawa/Trac generally need a LOT of throttle pull to start, but not so much after that...so put some slack in the throttle and try starting it with the throttle held down a bit.


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pumapimp1 /

Sounds like a slide is messed up somewhere. (sorry, don't know these foreign parts real well) check that out!-pumapimp

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