I was thinking about painting my 78 puch maxi a different color, stripping it to the bare frame sanding and the primering and then painting(probly from the forks to the the bottem of the gas tank red and then the back silver) and then clear coating. the stock paintjob isnt bad or ugly(its a metallic blue) but i think it would make it look newer and nicer and more "tricked out" any thoughts on this?

Re: Painting?

My first thought is that it would take a hell of a lot of time and effort. The reason is that there are no large surfaces on a moped that you can hit with a sprayer with any kind of efficiency. For instance, on a car you can do a whole quarter panel at roughly the same angle, nearly 30% of the job. On a moped i think you'd have to do a lot of masking which would give you a lot of overlap if you're not super careful, (not to mention huge amounts of intricate sanding). I'm all for it, though, despite my negative post, and you'd be the first person i know of who did it! And for damn sure you'd know every last molecule of your moped. Good luck.

Re: Painting?

Dupli-color makes 3 stage spray paint kit that changes colors at different angles, its called mirage system and goes for $17.95 i am going to shoot my panels next week, its different!

Re: Painting?

How did the tri color stuff work out? Steve

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