replacement headlight blues

I am having a helluva time finding anywhere that will git me a replacement headlight bult at a decent cost. Sure I could use and pay an extra $2.14 on top of the bulb cost. Does ANYONE know of ANYWHERE in Toronto that I can get a new bulb at? I already talked my way out of one ticket for not having a working headlight, so there is no way I'm riding until I can get a new one. And waiting 2 weeks for it to arrive by mail....? I'll forget how to ride by then!


Re: replacement headlight blues

Hi! Down here in Ohio you can get them if you take your old bulb with you into a good auto parts place,like NAPA.You might try that.BYE!

Re: replacement headlight blues

Rob Hoehn /

I couldn't find the exact bulb for my batavus at the auto parts store. I did find the right wattage, but not the right voltage. I just tried a 12volt bulb in there and it worked fine. Maybe that will help...


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