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Hey all!

Earlier discussed was a guy trying to create a "kill switch" because his brakes failed to engage. My question is similiar. Is there a way I can create a "kill switch" so that when I leave my moped unsupervised, no one can run off with it. I mean, it will definitely be locked up, but is there a way without harming the engine, to make the engine so it won't start until I flick the switch? Thanks!


Re: kill switch for protection

stonnerdog /

you could wire your kill switch backwards so that when it says off its on and on is off my newport is wired like that .

swarm and distroy


Re: kill switch for protection

Hi,Andrew! It's extremely simple.Just pigtail a wire off your kill switch wire at a point nearer to the engine(coil).Attach that to a weather proof switch and the other switch terminal to ground.Locate it conveniently for you but not easy to spot by others.One of mine is under my gas tank and can't be seen without bending down and peering up.And tell NO ONE it's on there ! But I think a loud alarm with a cable lock that alerts you to your bike being jostled is the best.BYE!

Re: kill switch for protection

old motorcyle tumbler used to have jsut 2 wires and im gonna get one wire it on so it will be impossible to steal.


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