QT50 stolen at biker bar

david f martin /

Here in Greenville, SC at Tammy's Saloon. I tend bar there 3 nights a week. Monday evening, one of my customers noticed that I'd forgotten to turn the outside lights on, and shortly afterwards I discovered my bike missing.

My little red Yamahopper was dressed out, with saddlebags, trunk, windshield, cupholder, ashtray, some jewelry, etc... The assholes that took it also got 7 harmonicas and belt, tools, and my bank books... I had to close my accounts and open new ones.

Several of my customers are on the lookout for the bike, which is an unusual model in this town, and should be very easy to identify. I pity the fool who took it, when he gets caught. Harley riders don't like bike thieves very much, no matter what kind of bike.

A few months ago I bought a blue '85 Tomos Bullet for $100, sold it to a friend for $100, and yesterday bought it back (with new rings!) for $100. It is much faster than my old Yamahopper, very clean and shiny, just needs the side covers and a mirror to be complete. If anyone has these to sell, please let me know...


Re: QT50 stolen at biker bar

Hi,Dave! I sympathize with you on your loss! You know,that's the one thing about having something nice;there's always some low-life creep who wants something for nothing.Especially around bars! You should invest in a bike alarm/cable lock or always bring the bike in where you can isolate it from these idiots.I hope they catch that thief and take his driver's license for a LONG TIME!BYE!

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