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well, i got plenty of cusomizing tips from you guys (thanks by the way) but i forgot about the simple things. I need some way to generate electricity with my engine. Any battery will die without being charged during use, and i wont be able to plug in my moped! If you anybody out there has an idea on how to make some sort of alternator for a briggs and stratton engine, let me know! Thanks for the help guys, keep swarmin and destroyin'! -Pumapimp

Re: Need electricity!

Im not sure if this would work but just an idea: you know those little lights for bycicles that run off of a generator spining on the wheel? Just take the posetive wire and put it to negative side of the battery. like a car exept instead of the alternator running off of the engine belt yours could run off of your wheel. Although that little generator might not put out that much juice. just a thaught.

Re: Don't do it!

A bicycle generator puts out AC current which will need a rectifier to convert it to DC. The diode also keeps the battery from discharging thru the generator and ruining it. Most bicycle generators I've run across are 6V-3W. 12V are out there also.

A rectifier of some sort is the key to having the bicycle generator provide DC current. Polarity of the rectifier also has to be set right.


Re: Don't do it!

if you could get a rectifier set up, why not just power off your magneto? depending on the bike, you might be able to sacrifce somethings like a horn or brake lite to run to a rectifier and then charge your battery,.

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