86 Spree Rear brake light switch and lever

Gros Pingouin /

I am a bit confused here. As I was finishing debugging all the electrical problems in my scooter (ex: turn signal relay replaced with an auto equivalent), I found something interesting. The rear brake lever seems to activate the brake light while it is not depressed. Is that supposed to happen? I also noticed it has a little bracket you can roll back to lock the rear brake lever in the "down" position. I checked the shop manual and am still confused.

Checking th rear brake light switch, I found it is shorted (closed) then it is not pressed and open when it is depressed. That is the exact opposite behaviour from the front brake switch. Is that what it is supposed to do? I would expect something like what my front brake switch is doing (close only when pressed), but I have been known to be wrong...

Re: 86 Spree Rear brake light switch and lever

Chris Robertson /


Some mopeds use NO (normally open) switches and some use NC (normally closed) switches for their brake lights. Someone probably replaced the switch in the moped's history with the wrong kind.


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