Who is J.J. Slayback?

a.k.a. Jerimiah Slayback, a.k.a. Ali, and who knows how many more. He first bashes mopeds and now claims to like them? He also claims to have a wife "maybee in an attempt at covering up his real age", when he really lives at home and uses his parents computer. He claims to be a 200lbs. tough guy, when in reallity he's probalbly a little scrawney pipsqeek geek with no friends, that would explain why he so desperately wants people to respond to his posts. I wouldn't be surprised if he does not even own a moped or scooter, he probably made it up so that he'd have something in common. So come on "J.J." or "Ali" or whatever the hell your name is, make up your mind wether you are a moped friend or a moped enemy. If you're going to be a bad guy like me,then stick to it. Stop switching back and forth like a teen looking for an identity!

Re: Who is J.J. Slayback?


Re: Who is J.J. Slayback?

Jeremiah Slayback /

My name is Jeremiah Slayback,I'm 26 years old.I work for Culligan water for 9$ an hour and never get a raise.I'm 6 ft 1 weigh 200 lbs. I drive a Hyundai Accent four door, and live in a new mobile home.I have been married for almost 2 years,and tuesday my wife told me she was pregnant.I have no criminal record,and my hobbies include mopeds/scooters,comic books,and sports.I live in Heyworth IL, and yes I do use my parents computer.My parents number is (309) 473-2364.I myself do not have a phone.Its not that I cant afford it, its just Id rather not spend 50 bones a month on something I dont need, and yes I do have freinds.I hope you now feel better about yourself, Im sure your real important and the world wouldnt go on without you.So Ill let you go now so you can go press your khakis and feather your hair, P.S. I have 4 mopeds 2 scooters and even a 65 Honda Dream 150, and I unlike you do not believe Im somthin special cuz mommy said so! Peace!!!!

Re: Who is J.J. Slayback?

My name is Ben. I'm 15 yrs. old. I still live at home. I have a car. A 1970 oldsmobile 442. Umm I use my own computer. Yall ain't gettin my phone number because I don't like gettin' calls. I'm currently single. I have a 1998 Tomos Targa lx. I just replaced the back tire and chain all by myself. I'm cool. I live in a trailor and I have 3 more. I'm Single. I work for Taco Bell, or I hope I do. Just put in an application. I got plenty of friends and I attend the local high school here, which I'm a sophmore at. K think I'm done now. Oh and enjoy the pic of my car.

What's this an ad for the personals?

If you want a date with Gay Gay Slayback, just ask him.

wanna sell the honda?

hey there i am not sure what this place is that i visited but i noticed that you said in a post that you have a honda 150 dream...1965 ...do you want to sell it ??? i live in st louis and am soooo serious about buying one....well if your interested please write backand give me the details of the bike.thanks


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