Cables when you don't got.

Bicycle shifter cables will work on some carburetors as the shift lever end of the cable will fit the slide.

The key to using one successfully is to use the old cable as a guide as to how long the housing and internal wire are. Pull the wire put out of the new cable and lay the empty housing next to the old. That's the length to cut it to.

Remove the wire frome the old housing and likewise measure up against the new.

Once you have the correct lengths, you will have to make the end that goes into the throttle twist grip. sometimes the original cable has a soldered on end that can be replaced. Or you may have to make an end from copper tubing.

Before soldering it up, be sure you reuse any adjuster ferrules that are on the original cable

It's a skill you should develop for when the moped shop will get you one in two weeks.

Jim C.

Re: Cables when you don't got.

Jeremiah Slayback /

Cool! Im tryin to learn as much as I can because maintaining your moped can cost some bucks!

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