Throttle cable for 78' Free Spirit question

Jeremiah Slayback /

HI,Im dumb! Now that thats out of the way heres my problem----- throttle cable problem,then i go to the yamaha store and this guy sells me a universal cable-- only one problem, its like a couple inches long! How can I shorten it and still have a ball on the end? Can I sodder it? Please Help!My ped is now only going like 15mph! It was going 25-30!My ped looks exactly like the one on the photo page under puch Free Spirit

Re: Throttle cable for 78' Free Spirit question

XBrandon EdgeX /

You can't really make the cable 2 inches shorter and still have a little metal ball on each end. What you can do is make the outer tube 2 inches longer by putting a split 2 inch long tube between either the carb and cable tube or throttle grip and cable tube. It has the same effect and does not involve making new metal balls out of molten lead, which is nice :)

Re: Throttle cable for 78' Free Spirit question

I had the same problem with one of those universal cables I bought from the Junkyard. Then I got a small removable end piece to clamp on the cable at the throttle from moped ware house and it worked great.

Tom Kirby


Reeperette /

Why not try shortening it at the OTHER end ?

Pull it through at the top till it's not 2" too long, and chop it there at the OTHER end of the cable.

Or does that have a bead/connector on it ?

Tomos Cables don't, but I dunno about yours.


Re: Ummm...

Jeremiah Slayback /

Yeah, it has beads on both ends!

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