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>>If I was mechanically inclined whatsoever I would take a couple junk mopeds and mix and match. I have like 3 sittin around,but have no idea how to do it<<

Too bad you live in the wrong direction, most of my road trips are easterly in direction.

I tend to travel a bit, you see....and believe me, when it comes to mix&match mopeds, frankenstein is about right, tho I bet Fred could go one better on even me.

Anyhows, if any of my road trips do take me in the near vicinity, I could drop by and perhaps help you out on that....what you have, anyway ?

Puch and Tomos crossover quite a few parts, most moped carbs are damn near interchangeable, and anything Minarelli is easy as hell to work on, so are most Batavus motors.

Vespa/Piggacio<sp> ? is the one I consider a right pain in the ass, but that's mostly cause you hafta take the entire thing completely apart in order to work on it, even worse than a Tomos, and those are bad enough, having to dismount the transmission to GET to the Carb.

The Japanese and Euro mopeds don't cross over too many parts, of course, but there's a few, depending on what they are.

Most of "mechanical inclination" comes from getting over the fear of screwing it up, and understanding of the basic principles of how the damn thing works, really....and, like the old joke says.."practice, man...practice".

It's not like the junkers you have are running NOW, so, unless you're real hot to sell em, it's not like you can make the situation worse.

Take a coupla days, and a printout of Freds guide, and just mess with one of em.

I got into fixing my own cause of the expense and time of Labor on mopeds, usually done by clueless shmucks used to workin on Seadoo's, Snowmobiles and such - if necessity is the mother of invention, desperation is surely the father.

Give it a shot, what harm can it do ?


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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