Rust in gas tank

Does anybody have any secrets to removing rust from a moped gas tank?

Re: Rust in gas tank

The best kept secret is here. Do a search under "rusty gas tank". This is a topic that has been covered well in the past.

Jim C.

Re: Rust in gas tank

XBrandon EdgeX /

I've heard that taking the gas tank off and putting a handful of pea-sized gravel inside and shaking it like a morocca will get most of it out. Then, just run an inline fuel filter and you should be okay.

I had to remove the rust in the tank of my Puch, which doesn't have a removable gas tank. I sandblasted the inside of it using a piece of rubber hose on the end of the sand blaster nossle and I fashioned a kind of side-spraying sprinkler head at the end of the hose to spray the whole inside of the tank.

Also, filling the tank with dilluted Phosphoric acid and letting it soak for a few minutes works, If you can get ahold of any.

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Ron Brown /


The phrase to search for is "gas tank cleaning" in the subject.


Re: Rust in gas tank

Muratic Acid mix 50/50 w/water..USE CAUTION!

Re: Rust in gas tank

Hi,Dan! My friend Henry bought a honda Express and had asked me about cleaning the tank.I told him if he could remove it he could use kerosene and BBs.He looked at me a little askance but I told him I wasn't kidding.I said `Just put 1/4 tank of kerosene in it and about half a carton of BBs(about 700 or so).He did this and it worked great! You just shake it like mad,dump out the trash,repeat the process and your tank is much cleaner.Then flush it out for the final time without the BBs and you're set.BYE!

Re: Rust in gas tank

Sounds like it should work!

Re: Rust in gas tank

I removed my gas tank and put gunk remover ( type of degreaser ) and sprayed about 5-6 times and let it sit. then get a brush ( tooth ) and add something to extend then get what you can. I sprayed with water then gas then let sit. I would suggest that. I would also suggest putting a fule filter on your bike. I did! and works great. You can get them either at a bike shop or lawnmower shop.

I have a 78 Cimatti city bike and am restoring it to make more power and signals etc... You can call Steve's Moped in New Jersey 1.201.384.7777 Tell him Duane sent you. I am from Vancouver Canada. Let him know and you should get a good price. Good luck! if you need anything anwsered

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