Chat room

Doesn't anyone go to the chatroom on Everytime I pop

in there I am the only one.

cservice is STILL not taking register requests. If you all want lets get it going on the Undernet until we can get a cservice BOT. channel will be mopedarmy. Any comments?


Re: Chat room

Jeremiah Slayback /

I have no idea what all that computer talk means,but I have the same problem! maybe we should set a time for everyone an chat!

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Wayne Broderick /

IRC chat (undernet) is like "AOL chat", but free and vast.

You use a 'client' (Irc program) to connect to a huge 'undernet' of servers. Lots of places 'host' IRC chat, so if we go to ANY undernet host, we can chat with a moped army member on any other IRC undernet host server.

Running a bot means that not only will the room always be 'open' but you can send it 'command lines' like

/LastSeen Slayback

PedBot: Slayback was last seen 22 minutes ago

/Ban HaysoDumb

PedBot: HaySoDumb has been banned from Moped Army Chat

Get it? Yes, I'm a geek.

Re: Chat room

go to and download the newest version. I think 6.2 is out by now then register the room. Thats done by /msg chanserv register #roomname <password here> and then register for ops the same as you would a room then you can have controller of the room and if you don't prefer that then use a bot and keep it online 24/7. Really simple. You can download bots on sites the have mirc help on them and i have some to that are really good. It has a very intermediate GUI.

Re: Chat room

Jeremiah Slayback /

Cool! Its better to be a geek than a computer illiterate dork like me!

Re: Chat room

A channel access bot is now on the undernet on #mopedarmy

Read this thread to get there! CU soon!


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