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I was looking in the "Rise of Moped Culture" forum, and I noticed Carrie said she had moped dreams. I had dreams of a moped before I bought one. The dreams kept up for about a week, so I called local bike shops (none of which sold mopeds) to ask about mopeds. One place had just got a mint 1978 honda express lime green, top speed about 27 mph it had 300 miles just restored for 375$.

This bike lasted me for about 3 seasons, 10k miles. I had moped dreams the whole time I had the honda and now I have a Tomas, and I still have moped dreams. The ped in my dreams is always my original green honda though.

The dreams usually involve riding my ped somewhere and then having to leave it unguarded (like sudden freak snow storms) sometimes I dream of riding through the deep snow... (which is weird, because sometimes I have to abandon the ped because of snow, sometimes it goes like a 4 wheel drive...

Dreams usually contain that sick 'loss of power' feeling, like that second when your tank goes dry, going up a hill, before you switch to reserve...

I've had several dreams where I can't find the ped. I know it hasn't been stolen, but I cant remember where I parked it, or is someone playing a joke on me.... I wake up worried, and then I realize that the dream was about the honda, which is gone.

I have had a lot of other dreams, sometimes, like the above examples the moped is central to the dream. But in a lot of other dreams the moped is there, but isn't actually essential to the content of the dream.

Frequently, I feel have lucid dreams where I am deciding what to do and where to ride. Sometimes, the ped will appear just when needed and I will be able to zoom off. I've also dreamed of riding in some really unusual places. A lot of times I think (in the dream) My god, I am going to get in trouble for riding here... (like on the sidewalk, tennis courts during a game, hallways..)

I would love to hear other dreams-- Perhaps my experiences will make you remember moped dreams you haven't thought of in a long time?!

Dreamingly Yours,


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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