Moped Dreams

Wayne Broderick /

I was looking in the "Rise of Moped Culture" forum, and I noticed Carrie said she had moped dreams. I had dreams of a moped before I bought one. The dreams kept up for about a week, so I called local bike shops (none of which sold mopeds) to ask about mopeds. One place had just got a mint 1978 honda express lime green, top speed about 27 mph it had 300 miles just restored for 375$.

This bike lasted me for about 3 seasons, 10k miles. I had moped dreams the whole time I had the honda and now I have a Tomas, and I still have moped dreams. The ped in my dreams is always my original green honda though.

The dreams usually involve riding my ped somewhere and then having to leave it unguarded (like sudden freak snow storms) sometimes I dream of riding through the deep snow... (which is weird, because sometimes I have to abandon the ped because of snow, sometimes it goes like a 4 wheel drive...

Dreams usually contain that sick 'loss of power' feeling, like that second when your tank goes dry, going up a hill, before you switch to reserve...

I've had several dreams where I can't find the ped. I know it hasn't been stolen, but I cant remember where I parked it, or is someone playing a joke on me.... I wake up worried, and then I realize that the dream was about the honda, which is gone.

I have had a lot of other dreams, sometimes, like the above examples the moped is central to the dream. But in a lot of other dreams the moped is there, but isn't actually essential to the content of the dream.

Frequently, I feel have lucid dreams where I am deciding what to do and where to ride. Sometimes, the ped will appear just when needed and I will be able to zoom off. I've also dreamed of riding in some really unusual places. A lot of times I think (in the dream) My god, I am going to get in trouble for riding here... (like on the sidewalk, tennis courts during a game, hallways..)

I would love to hear other dreams-- Perhaps my experiences will make you remember moped dreams you haven't thought of in a long time?!

Dreamingly Yours,


Re: Moped Dreams

Jeremiah Slayback /

Your green bike sounds sweet!

Re: Moped Dreams

man I had 3 dreams last night that my tomos got stolen and I knew they were dreams. I was trying to wake up during this dream to check on my moped but i wouldn't wake up. It pissed me off bad lol.

Re: Moped Dreams

Reeperette /

I used to dream of a Moped with like, these big angel wings stickin outta the sides, and flyin on it with the old leather cap, goggles, and white silk scarf favored by WW I fighter pilots, but I ain't had any of em in a loooong time.

Too tired, mainly.


Re: Moped Dreams

Yeah,guys.When I have a dream it's a doozey,but being old and basically feeble-minded I don't get the multitude of dreams I did as a younger sort.I do a lot of moped riding but I haven't dreamed of my mopeding adventures,YET ! I really wish I were dreaming of the good trips and countryside I've seen though. Here's to Happy Dreams ,Wayne!

Re: Moped Dreams

I have dreamed once or twice about my targa. It has not been positive, one of the dreams were that i was riding at night and my light blows out, along with my voltage regulator (which has happened before), and my other dream was that my choke got stuck while starting, and it wouldnt run (that has not happened).

Re: Moped Dreams


What made you replace your Express with the Tomos? And which bike do you like better?



Re: Moped Dreams

Wayne Broderick /

The Express died due to carb trouble. I kept trying to fix it, and in the same time frame, the electrical went. I kept popping headlights, and it kept running worse and worse.

I didn't know of the Moped Army website at that time, so I did more damage than good and had no way to fix it.

I didn't pay a whole lot for it and I got a lot of mileage. I do wish I'd kept it. I bashed it up into a more compact shape and put it at the curb in a 55 gallon trash bag.

They removed it. When the lady at the vehicle registry kept asking "what did I do with the other moped..." I didn't fess up, cause I thought I might get in trouble for violating some moped disposal ordinance.

Back to the question, a poorly running 1978 express or a new tomos 2000 model--- no contest there. I don't think you can put a bi-turbo on an express... ?!

I really like my Tomos, but I'm jealous of some of the more vintage machines. I don't like honda compared to an old motobecane. I do want a classic ped, and I'm going to get one to fix up in the off season. The honda was okay, but I really abused it.

It was a nice little bike-- would see 23 miles an hour on level ground and 30 or more down a big hill. the engine raced like a bee, very high pitched. It had a lot of plastic, so like my tomos, it was sort of cheezy. I'd love to install metal body parts on the Targa..

I need to get a second ped, so in case the piston kit messes up my bike, I have some wheels while I fix the Tomos

Moped Dreams

Wayne Broderick /

Another cool moped dream. We have a few large bridges near us, and one was under construction for about 4 years, they replaced it with a huge new one.

In the dream, I was riding my 1978 honda express onto the bridge, and it was before the bridge was complete.

I was almost across the bridge when the road narrowed to the width of a train track. If I made a wrong move, I would plummet into the atlantic ocean. There was no room to turn around or back up, and the road narrowed even more. There was also a lot of snow---- For some reason, I was going as fast as possible, like maybe the momentum might counteract the lack of road area.

At other times in that same dream, I was riding an invisible moped.

I can't remember much more, but if I do, I'll post it. I was thinking that there might be a lot of other dreams people have had- I enjoyed reading the ones from other people who posted.


Re: Moped Dreams

Wayne Broderick /

I've been having awful dreams about losing my moped, or locking it somewhere but not being able to remember where.

I had one dream where some pretty ladies talked me into letting then try it, and then they stole it!!

The cause of the dreams is obvious-- My ped's been totalled, and I want a new one....

The weirdest part about the dreams is that the moped in my recent dreams is the one that was just totalled. While I was actually riding the Tomos, I would frequently have dreams but always of my first moped, the 1978 express.

While my Tomos was functioning, It never made it into my dreams. Even though the honda was totalled like 3 years ago, I would dream about having various adventures on it, but always noted (when I woke up) that the NEW bike, that I was much happier with, was never my 'dream transportation".

Now that the Tomos is gone, I have dreams about it all the time..

Does anyone else have dreams about their moped?

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