Tailgating/Accident waiting to happen

Scoot Magooter /

People tailgate me. Usually trucks, sometimes SUV's.

I'm getting fed up. My ped is modified and not slow. when I get tailgated I am doing the speed limit (posted 30 and 35 all the way). Sometimes when it is a nice Lexus SUV, and it keeps 'charging' up on my rear render revving the engine to 'bully' me, I get the feeling that the guy (almost always guys) is thinking "This chump on the moped has no right to obey the posted speed limit. I drive a 60,000 dollar vehicle, I can do what I want...."

I get very angry when this happens.

Did I mention my moped, like most mopeds, stops on a dime?

One of these times, I'm going to see a dime while I'm being tailgated.

My guess is that the driver will react, but not in time and the actual collision will happen at about 10-15 mph. I'd prefer 5 mph, but.. well.. you never know.

I can see the sleazy insurance guy looking at the jury saying ".....although my clients SUV rear-ended the moped, we don't think the moped guy is hurt..."

The big problem is that I really could be hurt. I don't want to be paralyzed or brain damaged, but, on the other hand I would like to have a dozen classic mopeds and a new house. Has anyone ever been hit from behind while driving or stopped/stopping ? I would love some feedback on this!

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Re: Tailgating/Accident waiting to happen

Reeperette /

>>Has anyone ever been hit from behind while driving or stopped/stopping ?<<

Yeah, three times.

Once at the corner of Walton & Ritchie Hwy, for daring to stop at a yellow light...it was a low speed bump which just knocked by bike over, but it really pissed me off given that the guy started yelling at me on top of it.

I ripped my helmet off and sailed it into his windshield (this was a bit before I started carrying a chain on a regular basis, and one of the reasons for it) and left a big nasty smashmark, cause I threw it really hard...and he went up on the curb around me, flooring it as I tried to jump on his hood and kick his windshield down into his head.

I fell off, of course, cause he really punched it, and came away with his rearview mirror for good measure, trying to hold on, which I also threw at his car as it blew through the (empty) intersection, but it fell way short.

Then I picked up my helmet and moped and just started laffing...I guess that guy isn't gonna hassle a ped-pusher again.

Also note, this was the SAME intersection where I was nearly killed several years later.


The second time was truly an accident...we had one of those freak outta nowhere rainstorms in Maryland that day, from bright sunny day to half monsoon back to sun...that happens on occasion in the summer.

Well, I had a hole or leak somewhere cause the engine started missing when it started to come down hard, and visibility was terrible.

Some old folks, driving an old caddy, tapped the rear of my moped while trying to stop, cause my ped was black, my jacket camo...and my lights had chosen to die on me at the time...I managed to roll up on the hood, and the moped kinda pogoed off into the curb.

They were horrified, but I rolled off, none the worse for wear, and upon checkin out my 'ped...saw nothing more than one rearview mirror snapped off and smashed, a few scrapes and a cracked headlight cover...to me - nothing.

So they apologised, and wound up having breakfast with me at the Hardee's this happened in front of, as a gesture of apology....we mutually decided that insurance companies are bastards, and we weren't gonna even bother to involve em.

So, you do get nice people out there.


Third time, was some creep at Hanover and Patapsco...and a big part of why I carry a chain.

This dude behind me, in a hopped-up Monte Carlo was getting pissed cause I was in front of him, trying to make a left...only, you need a BIG hole to make a left in a moped.

So he starts honking, cussin, and actually has the nerve to bump me.

I get off the bike, he locks his door (not THAT dumb, alas) and aims the car at me, and so I went APESHIT....swingin chain like a madman and trying to get in a position where he could not run me over.

He took off, and I never saw his ass again, which is good, cause I'd do it again inna heartbeat.


Basic note on this here - if a Car hits you on a moped, especially from behind, go down and STAY down...act like yer out cold if you must.

Most folks will take off the minute you stand up, they'll run like hell....but it's one thing to leave the scene of a misdemeanor accident, another to leave the scene of a potential automotive homicide.

It also generally tends to discourage them from running your moped over to get away, cause I've seen that happy, tho, thankfully it wasn't me or my moped.

Of course...depending on the area and situation, I've been known to slash out the tires of a car that's hit me and looks to be about to run....but I don't reccommend doing that, for legal reasons.

Oh...and final note...just cause that brought it to mind, and it occured at the exact same spot as the first incident.

Ever rolled up to a stop light, put one leg down...and your heel lands in a slick spot of automotive sludge/grease/goo....and dump yourself, unassisted ?

Definately one of the most embarrassing moments of riding a moped, I tell ya.


Ways to handle a tailgater.

Reeperette /

The "official" and correct way, is to flash your brake lights at them...and it's worth a try, but we all know it's universally ignored.

Another way is to drop something...like old metal jacks, or caltrops, but you can get in some trouble for that sorta thing, tho it's never really stopped me...or a buddy of mine, who favors a handful of broken glass.

One dude I know, has a split line from his oil injector to his exhaust, which, when switched, creates a hella nasty cloud of smoke behind him, which summarily discourages tailgaters quite well.

(it drips oil on the hot exhaust see...and that makes smoke, and a lot of it)

My usual tho, is just to pull out my little bit of chain and give it a spin or two - they usually back off at that point, whereupon I just coil it back into my pocket and leave em be.

I do TRY to get out of the way, and wave em around, but you get some jerks in there, yeah.....and they, frankly, DESERVE some chain.

Keep in mind, tho....I ain't gonna be the one payin yer bail if you get in trouble for doing any of this, and most of it can indeed get ya in trouble in most places.


Re: Tailgating/Accident waiting to happen

Jeremiah Slayback /

I got plowed waiting to turn 2 weeks ago! by a 16 yr. old kid! I wish I woulda stayed down but my adreniline was pumpin to hard! He didnt want to get insurance involved so hes payin cash to get it fixed, the good part is he didnt even look at my scooter. so even the things he didnt break hes gonna fix! I knew there was tough moped riders out there!

Re: Tailgating/Accident waiting to happen

jess_monster /

Ree- you have got to be the coolest person I know. I live in a little town in South Dakota and nothing like that ever happens here. All I ever have to do is get off my ped in the middle of the street and go over and ask if the guy has a problem. My way is more simple but not near as interesting. This put a big smile on my face. Sorry about the accidents but damn....thats some crazy shit from where I come.

Re: Tailgating/Accident waiting to happen

Jeremiah Slayback /

No Doubt, Thers a one moped rider who could walk into a Harley Bar!

Re: Tailgating/Accident waiting to happen

Jeremiah Slayback /

Dude dont forget that the macho SUV driver probably has a cell phone strapped to his ear! 10 new mopeds would be sweet! I got hit at 15mph, wish it would at least of broke somthin else besides ny ped so I didnt have to go to Work!

Re: Tailgating/Accident waiting to happen

XBrandon EdgeX /

After I bought my Newport, my dad told me that one of my great uncles was KILLED on a moped. I guess he was trying to make a left turn on a busy intersection and got nailed by a car. His head hit the windshield and busted his helmet open and he died of severe brain damage.

Re: Tailgating/Accident waiting to happen

Jeremiah Slayback /

Damn! People just aren't aware!

Tis cause it's Baltimore

Reeperette /

Well, Baltimore, Maryland...especially "The Ghetto" down where I lived...you ran a risk every time you stopped for a street sign.

They'd rush up, try to knock you off...and run with it or ride it off on you, as long as it was half a dozen of THEM and only one of YOU....two or more riders and they'd hide.

After a while tho...it got around that I would lay chain to anyone who came NEAR me or my wheels, and prolly try to run them down for spite, and the main part of that slacked off a bit, tho you still get hassle from time to time.

Cops weren't any help, either - they'd more often try to arrest ME for actually daring the heinous crime (Gasp, the Horror!) of actually defending myself and my friggin property....and cause of that, I quit involving them, instead resorting to plain old barbaric and violent "solutions" that are the only form of "communication" that inner city punks understand - i.e. - toucha my stuff, and I breaka you head !

Hell, I moved to Detroit cause it was safer than Baltimore !


Actually it was the Pennington Pub.

Reeperette /

>>No Doubt, Thers a one moped rider who could walk into a Harley Bar !<<

The Pennington was where mosta the biker crowd hung out, and I had left it alone, although mosta the local bikers knew me at least by sight, cause I was always out there, in all weather, every day - riding and putting miles under me for the sheer joy of it, besides going to work and stuff.

I shoulda known, but didn't really figure that most cycle riders know all the hassles and respect moped dudes, cause we're tough enough to ride something without the ability to run away on.

Anyhow, I decided if it was gonna be trouble so be it...and walked in one night, and they were like "HEY !, it's that moped guy !!", and the next thing I know they're all buyin me drinks.

Later that night they were takin turns on it, around the block and stuff...was damn funny to watch these big, beefy, bearded harley dudes running around the block on a Tomos Golden Bullet TTLX and laughin their asses off - at least one of em bought a moped over that....and I found out from them that AMF made at least one for Harley Davidson.

Funny how things go, sometimes.


Yep, that's how it goes.

Reeperette /

Yep, same deal got me....the old left turn.

You hafta pull out in order to see around the other left turn traffic....when that light goes yellow, you cannot back up, so you HAVE to go.

If someone sees the yellow and punches it, it's your ass, no two ways about it.

I was lucky, had a reinforced frame, motorcross armor, and a damn good helmet...one of a matched set...the other one which I wear now.

(you shoulda seen the dents and scrapes in the other one !)

I took most of a Tbone style collision at combined 70+mph to the right leg, which hit so hard the frame actually bowed around the bone, before separating in midair...the moped coming to rest about 20 feet from me, and me landing damn near 50 feet away, the side of my helmeted head coming down first.

The only serious damage to me was my leg, and most of that which compounded it and caused me to lose it was lack of/denial of care by the medical establisment, not the accident.

The moped fared even better...the exhaust bolts were split clean off, and one of the cylinder bolts was stripped, but it ran ok.

The frame was gone, so I mated a 74 Tomos-Koper rear to a 78 Puch Maxi front end, and put that engine on it, and it was still runnin when I hadda leave it behind when movin outta Baltimore.

A left turn is the most dangerous manuver in the world on a moped.


Re: Yep, that's how it goes.

Ataristyle /

I am moving in two days from Des Plaines(right near Chicago) to Mc Henry. Its near Wisconsin, but still in Illinois. Although the official move date is June 23, I brought some stuff to the house in a cube van(boxes and my bikes). I road the bike around over here. Its congested with semis during the weekdays on the busy street(main road). I took some back roads though and a lot of fun doing so. I passed by farms and saw some nice scenic views of land. I only went out about 7 miles from my house before I turned around because I wound up on a road that was 55mph. Driving a moped out here is alot better than in Chicago. I still have to watch out for traffic(faster roads though, not as many vehicles though). I have gotten passed two times already while driving. Once was in a 40mph zone and the other is understandable in a 45mph zone going up a hill at 30mph. There are a lot more hills to deal with here than when I was used to just going up bridges that go over I-90. My work is 4 miles away from where I'm going to be living and coming home I will have to make a left turn on the main road with fast traffic. I think I will just make a right instead of a left, turn around and go the other direction. Its a pain in the ass but it may very well save my life.

Swarm and Destroy

I found some nice fields here to fly my R/C glider

Much better than Chicago, besides the water

Re: Yep, that's how it goes.

Jamie Leonard /

Nod.. left turns are the worst - personally I plan a route home every day where I can avoid ALL left turns if possible (Or at least only making them at a t-intersection where you have to worry less about oncoming traffic) Takes me through a lot of side roads and adds about 10 minutes to the trip.... but I figure take the road less travelled and have some fun with it.

After all... when you don't have someone 6 inches behind you, when you don't have someone cutting in front of you without signalling, and when you don't have someone honking because you're only slightly above the speed limit and they want to go WAY above the speed limt.... riding a moped is just about one of the most fun things there is.

Ain't nothing quite as much fun as puttering around an empty piece of asphalt on two wheels (and going at just the right speed to see the sights as more than a blur)


Re: Yep, that's how it goes.

Reeperette /

>>Ain't nothing quite as much fun as puttering around an empty piece of asphalt on two wheels (and going at just the right speed to see the sights as more than a blur)<<

You bet yer sweet bippy !

I happen to like enjoyin the scenery...such as there is..in Flint, hehehe.


Re: Yep, that's how it goes.

Jamie Leonard /

Hehe... reminds me of one time... this guy shouts out as I'm riding by (while I was on my puch maxi before I got my tomos) "Nice bike loser!"

I simply shout back "I'm riding, you're walking... seeya!"

It ain't the size of the machine, it's the amount of fun you have riding the thing. :)

Re: Yep, that's how it goes.

I guess I'm lucky that most drivers keep their distance behind me, or they pass me. Probably because I'm a woman, they are more tolerant of me, whereas a man on a moped looks to them like some Harley wannabe....

I think it's important to be really alert at a stoplight--look at the driver across from you turning left--MAKE EYE CONTACT, and don't move until you know exactly what they are going to do. It's not worth your life to play chicken.

Also---any chance I get, I wave the car driver ahead of me. If someone is tailgating you, bite the bullet and pull over and let the bonehead pass you. You're no match for a 2000lb+ vehicle. I know it's hard for you macho types to let them have their way, but just think of how much more fun you're having on your 'ped--and how jealous they are of you.

Re: Yep, that's how it goes.

Ron Brown /





Reeperette /

Problem comes when you wave em around, and they laugh and run up closer on your tail.

I tend to get a lotta that, given the cities I've ridden in.

Personally, at that point...I consider it an attack, and respond accordingly.

As for the eye contact thing, yeah...if they can see your eyes, they see YOU, and that's a good thing, and one I never thought to mention, thanx.


the way I deal with tailgators

i found that old spark plugs come in handy if you got a 50cc engine. but since i put the 70 kit on my tomos i just give a nice big finger and slam on the gas. look behind me 10 secs. later and there at a comfortable 50 feet.


Re: 70cc

Wayne Broderick /

did you do the kit yourself?

Re: 70cc

hell yes, i even painted it black so it looked like the original. ask me anything u wanna know in another post.


Re: Ways to handle a tailgater.

Reeperette Wrote:



> One dude I know, has a split line from his oil

> injector to his exhaust, which, when switched,

> creates a hella nasty cloud of smoke behind him,

> which summarily discourages tailgaters quite well.

> (it drips oil on the hot exhaust see...and that

> makes smoke, and a lot of it.


james bond

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