ALI(309)473-2364-call-n-be tuff!!

J.J.Slayback /

Listen, I don't like resorting to 4th grade crap. Your not funny anyway! You think callin people fags is funny? What are you 12?Heres my home address. 4-10 E. North St. Heyworth IL 61745. I'm 6 ft 2 weigh solid 200 lbs. Only been in one fight, in 5th grade, but I kicked that guys ass so bring it on tuffy! What your address?I'll buy your plane ticket to come on out!(309) 473-2364. everyone on moped army seems to be kind and Knowledgable. On the other hand you, are a no talent dimwitted punk. Sincerely, Jeremiah Slayback

Re: ALI(309)473-2364-call-n-be tuff!!

hey umm if he don't use the ticket can i? Vacations are kinda slim in my hood.

Re: ALI(309)473-2364-call-n-be tuff!!

Jeremiah Slayback /

Well I havent heard from him since the offer,but if you want to vacation in Heyworth IL Ill send you the tickets!(ha ha)land of corn

Get that lawn-mower ready!

You are going to have to mow a lot of lawns to pay for a plane ticket, little boy! Get real PLEEZE! You are making us bad guys look bad!

Re: Get that lawn-mower ready!

Jeremiah Slayback /

Whatever tuffness,how come you havent called yet?Or gave me your number,

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