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I know that some states do not require license, registration, title, etc... a few months ago I purchased a 1983 pa50II from Maryland and returned to PA. In PA. in order to register your moped you must have one of the following: an MCO, a title from another state, or a registeration from another state; in order to get a title and registration in PA. Maryland does not require any of those things.

I called DMV in PA and was told to contact the manafacture to get an MCO, and to do a VIN# search ($3.00) and to contact Maryland and get a letter stating that mopeds are not registered, nor titled and then to attach a copy of my bill of sale and a letter explaining everything. Honda refuses to issue an MCO for any vehicle over a year old (I attached their letter stating this). I went one step further and also got a letter from the dealer stating all of these things also and got a cop to verify the VIN#.

So, so far I am only out the $3.00 for the VIN# search. Then after I had done all they had told me to do and, then some, to my shock they still would not give me a title and registration.

My dad was riding and building bikes and scooters in the early 60's before he went to Vietnam and told me what to do and it worked. I went to a junkyard and explained to the guy what I wanted to do. Here is how it worked (in PA.).

I sold the moped to him as junk for $10.00 and then purchased it from him for $20.00. In effect I gave him $10.00 and in return he gave me a salvage ticket. I then titled and registered the moped as a rebuilt salvaged vehicle (no inspection required for a moped) and only paid state tax on the $20.00 purchase.

I don't know about some of the other states (i.e. NJ) but in PA it worked just fine. It is easier to title and registered a rebuilt junk then it is a perfectly good vehicle.

I hope this may help some others who may have problems with registeration.

Thanks For those of you who tried to help with the Avanti problem it is back, happened again last friday. I finally broke down and called an Avanti rep. I am hoping to hear from their techs soon. It is just one of those things that is becoming like an itch I gotta scratch.

Re: PA Title

Reeperette /

Slick move on the title Trex, Thanks for posting it, and I shall most definately keep it in mind.


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