Pacer Shop Manual/Electrical Schematics

Tom Cavnar /

I have a 1980 Pacer Moped, manufactured by Italtelai, with a Morini Franco Motori engine.

Recently I may have figured out why the tail light hasn't been working..the wiring has lost it's insulation and may very well be broken in the rear wheel fender area.

The question I have is: does anyone have wiring schematics for one of these things? Or better yet, a shop manual?



Re: Pacer Shop Manual/Electrical Schematics

Reeperette /

Pacer with a Morini Engine ?

I would try and see if has a manual for the Morini....


Yeah, they do, runs about $22

Here -

Now that's just the engine....BUT, as far as I recall there are not too many wires coming off that engine, so knowing what they are where they come out should help a might also have most of the common wiring rigs used with that engine - some do, some don't, so you can try asking them.


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