Puch MKII transmission.

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All I really need to know is what kind of oil and how much (I'm guessing until it runs out the little filler hole in the side, but if someone could confirm this for me that would be cool) in a Puch two-speed automatic transmission? If anyone knows, your help is deeply appreciated.

It's a 1979 Maxi if that's important.


XBrandon EdgeX

Re: Puch MKII transmission.

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You want to use type F automatic transmission fluild and you are correct on how full to fill it. Just fill until it runs out the fill hole on the side.


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Re: Puch MKII transmission.

XBrandon EdgeX /

Cool, thanks. It looks like the guy who I bought it from filled it with regular motor oil and he filled it way above the fill plug. I've got work to do :). Should I take it apart and clean everything or just run a couple of the right measurements of trans fluid through it?

Re: Puch MKII transmission.

Just flush it a couple of times and it should be ok.

Re: Puch MKII transmission.

XBrandon EdgeX /

Rokken! Thanks, guys.

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