Broken Chain

Ok now for another interesting Saga in the Ben kills his moped show, I fixed the scratches on my front from when i last wrecked my moped on the gravel and now I Was riding down the road with a friend on the back of my moped (Tomos Targa LX) and her pant leg got caught in my chain and pretty much ripped her pant leg in half. Now it pretty much warped my chain and I had to walk a little distance home. See my moped runs just terrific but now my chain keeps getting thrown. Now where can I get a new chain or is there a way I can tighten it? It's been stretched about 4-5 links to big. I think I can keep my old chain if I can tighten it but how the hell do I do it? Some help would be appreciated.

Re: Broken Chain

Chris Robertson /

Are you sure your chain has been stretched by 4 or 5 links? Chains are designed to be pulled on after all...

I suspect your chain needs to be tightened. I can't speak specifics about Tomos (Ree?) but usually it is done by taking up the tension by sliding the rear wheel toward the back of the bike.


Re: Broken Chain


all you most likely need to do is loosen the back wheel and move it farther back away from the bike because by the sounds of it your rear wheel is loose, and if thats doesn't help any you will have to remove some links from the chain, but that shouldn't be the case.

lates, Shmiv

Re: Broken Chain

Wayne Broderick /

That's kind of routine stuff. Ree can explain it better, but it is similar to a mountain bike. It was loose before, her pantleg complicated it. There are a couple of small 'levers' on the back wheel. You push (rotate) these till your chain is good. A lot like a 10-speed bike, maybe a little easier. Make sure your chain is oiled (dry chain is bad!). That could throw it too.

Like they said, wow, 4 or 5 links is a LOT. I've got a Tomas too, But I dont think I could keep the chain the sprocket on if it were that loose!

You'll get a flat sooner or later-- Your only good luck seems to be having a girl on the back of your ped!

Tightening the chain is what you do after you change the tire, so it's good to learn.

I was thinking of using one of those 'slime' tire additives, supposed to seal punctures.

good luck- Keep us posted

Re: Broken Chain

i've gotten a flat before so i had the local tire and wheel dealers replace my inner-tubes with some industrial strength shit. It works great i can go muddin' or down gravel with it. and my turbo works great.

Re: Broken Chain

Reeperette /

Yeah, the Tomos has two adjustors on the back wheel bolts, tighten em down a bit, and then use a rubber mallet and an unsharpened pencil to get em nice and tight, so there's only 1/2" of slack.

You tighten the bolts some FIRST, so they hold it in that position and it doesn't come loose again while you're spinning them tight - see ?

As for the chain, yeah, if you can find the master link on it, you can blow out a couple links if ya have to, but check other stuff first...and if it's that loose, make sure you didn't crack any teeth off the sprockets or misalign your rear wheel in the process.

As for Tubes and alla that, I use BELL Self-Sealing...available at yer local Walmart, technically bicycle tubes, but if you get em an inch or two bigger than your wheel really is...they work damn well on mopeds too.

(you can use exact size, but it's a bitch to put them in that way.)


Re: Broken Chain

ben your a fuckin retard. i'll fix it. don't you know how tighten a chain. have you taken it to bob yet/ another good idea. i'll take a look at it when i get there. i'll be in town today at ikerds moms. so gimme a holler. late

Re: Broken Chain

Hey asshole you weren't at ikerd's mom's. I called your dumbass and I done fixed it. I just scooted back my wheel and kicked the hell out of the chain once i got the master link undone. It's fine now.

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