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Please HELP!!! I recently acquired a 1980 Yamaha Champ 50cc with 4,000mi (very similar to QT50). After a day of draining fuel and cleaning out my first carburetor and getting a new plug (or 4) it ran good and strong for ONE WHOLE DAY! Then out of nowhere SPUT! It died and I had to push it home (quite far). It seemed to have fouled the plug again, looks like it runs too rich, but upon switching and kickstarting my ass off till I cant walk nothing but a little sputter. But now absolutely nothing. There is spark when I test on outside of block, gas, oil (though not certain if oil injection works) and air! Compression also seems as strong as it was the day it ran, but the only test I can do is the finger over the hole and pop it out. I even tried spraying either carb cleaner and starting fluid in both intake and cylinder only to get NOTHING, almost as if there is no spark but there IS! I can see black crap on the cylinder when I pop out the spark plug but again it was there when it ran too. Why all of the sudden did it die, then give me a few sputters and now NOTHING?!? Please help me Im going nuts, I just wanna ride!

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Hi,Josh! Could you have sheared your flywheel key? I've seen some instances where you still get spark but it's arriving at way the wrong time.Inspect the key and replace it if you even see a dent in it,cause one little movement will keep it from starting,even with starting fluid.BYE!

Re: Yamaha Champ Help!

Will I have one if my moped is CDI? This is driving me nuts! It runs great when it does, and re-starts right up. What do flywheel keys look like?

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Hi,Josh! I'm not familiar enough with Yamahas to answer that.So it is a cdi ignition? I figured it was old enough that it would be a breaker type ignition.Could you possibly have a kill switch shorting out,or ignition switch.Also, a shorted battery will cause these effects.I'll just have to let one of the Gurus take over.BYE!

Re: Yamaha Champ Help!

Ron Brown /


Fred is not going to answer you until you answer him. Do yourself and the rest of us a favor by starting a new thread describing the original problem, what you have done since then and what the results were. I'm sure you will get some help.


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