Women Swarming & destroying.....

I think its awesome, alot of the women I know around here dont respect mopeds or scooters. They complain about my driving them, Like, "Omg Those things are so dorky" Or "Dont bring that when you hang out with us it's ugly & people look at us weird." Some people do look at us weird, but some, the Cool ones, that might even have a moped of their own look at us with jealousy, cause they know mopeds are cool. & that mine is cooler, j/k of course. But they are the cool ones, its awesome, I need some of them around here to hang out with. A good Example is Gerah, she is not at all ashamed to drive her Motobecane, & it shows in her profile. She is respectful, not too mention very pretty. Were not dorks, nor does driving mopeds make us dorky. Just thought I would let that out, bugs me somtimes.


Moped Women!

Wayne Broderick /

I was totally impressed by the amount of ladies who showed up at the bar-b-que... Wow, and some very attractive ones!!

Nothing more sexy than a pretty lady on a vintage moped!!

Brainstorm: How about a yearly "Women of the Moped Army" calendar... maybe a bunny outfit for Easter, Bathing Suit for the 4th of July... etc. I'm not trying to be sexist, but sweet mopeds and fine women make a great combination!

I know I'd buy one!



Re: Women Swarming & destroying.....

Oh my god... I'm blushing. Also, just so you guys know, we moped gals like to refer to ourselves as the "mo-babes."

Re: Women Swarming & destroying.....

Go get 'em mo-babes.

I'd be happy to have some ladies riding mopeds in my area. More ladies are riding motorcycles every day, so there should be more mo-babes too.

Re: Women Swarming & destroying.....

A mo-babe calendar sounds like an idea. Good work wayne. Mo-babes rule!!!

New mo-babe??

Katie, never seen her on here before. Welcome Katie

Re: New mo-babe??

Reeperette /

Well, my Ex definately qualifies as a Mo-babe...even tho she's terrified of the damn thing...

How someone could be scared of a 20mph 1968 Batavus/Trac/Jawa Babette 106 - I will never know...it's almost a glorified bicycle.


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