MOped Shipping?

Hey, I need to ship a moped from NJ to Ohio, but i'm not sure what to use. UPS doesn't do it, n i'm thinking Forwardair, however the site is kinda confusing. Do i just call up and make a request? Do they pick up? Or do i have to drive it to a station? Thanx

Re: Moped Shipping?

I have had big stuff shipped from across the country with Forward Air.

They will require you to have the ped crated and delivered to their nearest terminal.

Then you have to go to your nearest terminal and pick it up.

Call your nearest terminal and verify this info.

(and only the larger airports have a FA terminal, and mine was 3 miles from the airport itself)

Re: Moped Shipping?

Some where I read that Greyhound can transport a moped and even provides a pallet. I should do a search here under the words "Greyhound" or "Shipping".


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