Honda Spree

Katie(Moped girl) /

Does anyone have a honda Spree hear besides me????????????????????

I have a question!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Honda Spree

I've got one. Let me know and I'll see what I know.


I Have a Spree 1985 Model

dave in naples /

I have rebuilt this spree from the frame up, and although not a mechanic, removed and rebuilt the engine and to my works !!!

So if I can help you..........whats your question ?

Re: Honda Spree

Gros Pingouin /

I do, a black 86 which I am just finishing finding all its electrical gremlins =)

Re: Honda Spree

Pumapimp1 /

I've done a little work on an 80's model my friend had, but there's definately other people with them out there. It's great to see more moped girls out there!-pumapimp

Re: Honda Spree

I just bought a rebuilt '85 Spree, and it was perfect for the first couple of months. Then one day I couldn't get it started. The day after, it started right up. Now it won't start at all. HELP!!

Re: Honda Spree

i too have a spree, an '86

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