just got a moped need help


i just got a moped, i know nothing about them really but i want to learn. i have 2 questions that are very

basic but i have no clue. #1 what kind of gas do they take? i have a early 80's montgomory ward "open

road" its called...i'm sure its not that great but whatever, the gas cap says 1:50 on it if that means anything,

also the guy i bought it from didn't know anything about it either but he says i'll probably need some kind a clutch cable or transmission cable or something if that is true how will i know.

is there anyway to get a book or anything on this model?



Re: just got a moped need help

The Moped Gawd /

he asks... "is there anyway to get a book for this model"

hmmmmmmm..... looking deeply into my crystal ball I see you have the rare moped made on the planet Uranus by the Kling-Ons called the Fartavus Wind Sprint 50... this rare methane powered moped is an excellent runner with a top speed of 320mph (on Uranus... on earth it will only do 28)


all joking aside... since you didn't tell us which ped you have

all your gas and oil and mix questions are answered in a post

I wrote before.

Use the "search" feature above to find my guide called

"How To Fix Your Moped"

It has all the steps you need to follow to get your ped to run.

Or scroll down and see if your question is covered with its own section.

When you get to the "search" feature, type in the word... o x y g e n ... that will take you straight to it..


on "The Moped Gawd" thing

The Moped Gawd /

I once had a small argument here with a person who got upset and said to me something like .. "you think you're a moped god".

I though that was funny and occasionally use it when I want to be silly.

Thats all.


C.C. i tell ya

gimmyjimmy /


Moped gawd is too frentiloplic, I still think your handle should be C.C.

clean the carb, clean the carb, clean the carb, CC CC CC see see?

Re: C.C. i tell ya

frentiloplic ???

Did this professor tell you that word??

A philosophy professor stood before his class and had some items in front of him.

When the class began, he picked up a large, empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with rocks about 2

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