1976 Jawa

I can't get spark on my Babett. Does anybody have a coil for it they would like to sell. How about any advice? Check out my first WEB site

Re: 1976 Jawa

Ron Brown /


Have you measured everything with a vom? Points, condensor, magneto coil, plug wire and all grounds?


Re: 1976 Jawa

This advice it true 98% of the time >> clean the freaking points!.. you don't need a coil!


Use the "search" feature above to find my guide called "How To Fix Your Moped"... it has all the steps you need to follow to get your ped to run.

When you get to the "search" feature, type in the word... o x y g e n ... that will take you straight to it..

Re: 1976 Jawa

Reeperette /

What spark plug you got in there ?

The Standard Bosch sold by MopedJunkyard is prolly your best bet, cause if you got the wrong plug...it ain't gonna fire anyhow.

Definately check points, gap and timing afore you replace the coil, it's a hella cheaper fix.


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