Driving me NUTZ

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You know, I've been holding off on sayin this...cause I wanted to make absolutely, utterly, sure.

And then made excuses....but, eventually the truth dawns.

That ignition coil (on my targa) is bad.

Y'all know I ordered another one, and then it looked like a wiring problem - well, it ain't.

I ordered a Bosch coil from MopedJunkYard on the suggestions from this forum, and I know the A3's used a Bosch coil of similar make.

The coil on it, is an Iskra, and I haven't seen any of those before, it's gotta weird shape....so I figured to go Bosch.

Now I am gettin juice out of the Iskra coil, just not enough to fire the spark plug...won't fire a Bosch W8AC, won't fire a Champion L86C - well, it'll fire it maybe once out of twelve good hard spins of the pedals...so obviously not enough amps.

MopedJunkyard changes the order (without confirmation from the buyer) to the Italian (universal) coil they sell...telling me the Bosch is a 6V coil - oops, I figure, since they don't have the voltage listed.

Only, I get it, hook it up, correctly - and NOTHING...no juice whatsoever.

So, I make excuses...maybe the plug is bad...nope, since that plug is now powering my Ex's moped.

Perhaps the wiring ? nope...passes every test.

Now I really don't wanna think MopedJunkyard shipped me a coil that don't work with a Targa, or one that don't work...so, any ideas on the matter ?

What the hell could this BE ?


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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