Driving me NUTZ

Reeperette /

You know, I've been holding off on sayin this...cause I wanted to make absolutely, utterly, sure.

And then made excuses....but, eventually the truth dawns.

That ignition coil (on my targa) is bad.

Y'all know I ordered another one, and then it looked like a wiring problem - well, it ain't.

I ordered a Bosch coil from MopedJunkYard on the suggestions from this forum, and I know the A3's used a Bosch coil of similar make.

The coil on it, is an Iskra, and I haven't seen any of those before, it's gotta weird shape....so I figured to go Bosch.

Now I am gettin juice out of the Iskra coil, just not enough to fire the spark plug...won't fire a Bosch W8AC, won't fire a Champion L86C - well, it'll fire it maybe once out of twelve good hard spins of the pedals...so obviously not enough amps.

MopedJunkyard changes the order (without confirmation from the buyer) to the Italian (universal) coil they sell...telling me the Bosch is a 6V coil - oops, I figure, since they don't have the voltage listed.

Only, I get it, hook it up, correctly - and NOTHING...no juice whatsoever.

So, I make excuses...maybe the plug is bad...nope, since that plug is now powering my Ex's moped.

Perhaps the wiring ? nope...passes every test.

Now I really don't wanna think MopedJunkyard shipped me a coil that don't work with a Targa, or one that don't work...so, any ideas on the matter ?

What the hell could this BE ?


Re: Driving me NUTZ


I'd disconnect the shut off circuit completely to remove it as a possible problem. I don't know if the Targa has one of those strange taillight/ignition intermarriages, but that would be another thing to check.

Other than that, I would suspect the coil, although if it isn't the factory replacement, it could have a conflict with the rest of the components. That's a guess on my part.


Chock full 'o' nutz

The Moped Gawd /

I can't believe you haven't figured this out yet...

Grand Blanc is commonly known to be near the center of an antimatter vortex causing widespread malfunction of many ordinary terrestrial electronic devices.

You either have to move anywhere outside of a 20 mile radius of GB to alleviate these "gremlins"... or... for a temporary fix... You can wear a tinfoil beanie hat (made from the heavy duty .030" foil)... and a matching pair of tinfoil wrist AND ankle bracelets while touching the machine at any time you wish it to run.

If this doesn't work... Don't worry.. we will come visit you at the group home.



(I am too tired to be anything but silly right now)

Re: Driving me NUTZ

Reeperette /

>>I'd disconnect the shut off circuit completely to remove it as a possible problem.<<

Done, actually I cut EVERYTHING out of the circuit and had just hot, lead and grand from the generator...and it reads off 12V 80W, just like supposed to.

Tried it like that, Iskra wouldn't fire but one -fer- twelve, abouts.

New coil wouldn't fire at all.

>>I don't know if the Targa has one of those strange taillight/ignition intermarriages, but that would be another thing to check.<<

I think it does, but like I said, I cut everything out of circuit to test it this time.


Re: Chock full 'o' nutz

Reeperette /

This is just one of those "it's only an engine!!!" moments...said whilst grinding one's teeth to powder and snarling at it..really.


Re: Driving me NUTZ

Hi,Ree! Is this a CDI type ignition?I don't know much about targas,but sometimes CDIs don't fail 100% of the way.I know they're usually not the problem but everybody else has covered the MOST likely culprits.I hope you fix it!

Re: Driving me NUTZ

Reeperette /

>>Is this a CDI type ignition?<<

Yep, that's what's drivin me up the wall...I never seen one die like this.

Then again..this Ped has like 21,550 Miles on it..roundabouts.


Re: Driving me NUTZ


The targa is a relatively "modern" ped, and the HT coil and CDI unit should be in one unit (I've only seem them seperate on early 70's bikes and before) so I wouldn't suspect the CDI unit. A very common problem that no-one has mentioned is that the condensor might be bad. This will give you the correct voltage when testing the magneto, but will not make the plug spark. Condensors are very inexpensive (you can get one at Radio Shack for something like $3) and I would suspect and replace this before I do anything with the ignition unit. Like I said, this is a very common problem and I've gotten a few amazing deals just because its baffled a few folks. Best of luck and hope this helps!

Re: Driving me NUTZ

targas are italian europeans have a weird way with going avout things especially autos the ignition coil is the wrong size or make i would suggest ordering every part from targa just to make sure you get what you want what works and what is needed

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