This sucks

My awesome 1984 Yamaha QT50 only goes like 20, and i know it can go faster, ddoes anyone know how to fix it, or make it better with addons?

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Hi,Gavin! Unless you have a restricted engine,you've got classic symptoms and need to look at Fred's posting`How to fix your moped'.Some of the causes you'll find listed are:Need to decarbonize your muffler and exhaust port,bad spark or timing, restricted gas or air flow,etc. Hey,Fred! You're gonna have to re-post `How to fix your moped' constantly.Why doesn't the MOPEDARMY just put it at the top of the General Discussion Forum with the Caveat saying:`Looking for answers ? Click here and look up your problem first!' Then after they see the guide,they'd be welcome to ask specific questions of you Gurus.Just a suggestion! BYE!

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I was pretty much asked to not keep posting it Don... Remember it takes up probably 15 pages of text.

Which is probably nearly 2 weeks worth of ordinary posts.

So reposting it every 2 days means 'the guide' is soaking up 7 times as much "space' as the forum is.. all by itself.

I will just tell people to use the 'search' feature with the word- o x y g e n.

That takes them straight to it.

URL for repair guide.

Wayne Broderick /

Two Suggestions:

1. As suggested in an earlier post, can the Moped Army Webmaster put the guide online? Text compresses very well-- I don't think space would be a real problem. This would be a great benefit for all who use the site.

2. My wife knows HTML. She has a few free web providers-- They aren't secure, as my moped photos were lost or deleted from one of the pages. BUT, it wouldn't be a problem for her to do this- That way, when a question answered in the guide is asked, someone could post the link to the page as a reply.

It would make a lot more sense to put it on the Army site, though. Plus, the Army is growing all the time-- The same questions will continue to be asked over and over-- I learn from those questions, but an easy to access guide would answer some of the more basic q's.

What ever became of the idea to create an IRC chat forum? I think that is a keen idea, to be sure. Maybe add this as a survey question??

I was thinking of plotting a graph to track the growth of the Annual BBQ, so I could predict how many people will be there in 2010.

Re: URL for repair guide.

Okay,Fred.That sounds like a winner. Just so we can quickly put the onus on the questioner.After all,they should be willing to do some reading and troubleshooting themselves,right? I know I learned a lot of what I came by thru the school of hard knocks(Mostly to my body).

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