Fender Clearance

Wayne Broderick /

I've got a Tomos Targa, 2000. I was replacing the front brake cable, and I got to looking at my front fender. Jeez, is it close to the tire.

It looks fine, and the clearance is the same on either side,

There isn't any tire wear... but if there is a problem, I want to see it coming. I'd like to see more space there.


Re: Fender Clearance

this is so eerie but you and I just had the same though. My targa is a 98 and I just skinned the fuck outta my elbows tonite. I was driving down a gravel hill doing about 30 and a rock lodged under my front fender and locked my tire up. I did a fish tail and laid the damn thing down on me. Tomorrow I'm taking off that damn front fender. I don't need it for much and I have to change the trans oil and put some new 2 cycle in my gas and fix a scratch by my headlight. The only damage I acquired from my 30 mph stunt is a scraped elbow and a 4 inch scratch by me headlight. The rest of it appears to be fine. I'll let ya know when the sun is out tomorrow if i need help. SO PEOPLE WITH TOMOS TARGA LX TAKE OFF YOUR FRONT FENDER IT IS OF SATAN!

Re: Fender Clearance

Hey,Ben!Sorry you wrecked your bike and got skinned up.I got road-rash the other day when I tightened up my front brake on the Motomarina Sebring too tight and made a quick turn while squeezing the brake.There was like grits(not big enough to call gravel)where the cars turned down the hill and the front wheel slid and locked up.I came out all right because I had bluejeans on and heavy gloves and I wasn't traveling over 15mph,I'd say.I'm more careful to hit my rear brake primarily now,`cause when that front one locks up you're toast ,ain't ya.On that fender problem,couldn't you guys extend it up a little? I'd think you'd want that fender on there the first dirty mud puddle you hit or if you get caught in the rain.My front fender has been altered with what looks like universal brackets and stands away from the tire pretty good.BYE!

Re: Fender Clearance

Reeperette /

Yeah, you can jack the front fender on a Targa about a half-inch with spacers...you can buy such a thing at most hardware stores.

I'd leave it on tho, cause the roostertail of gunky water..from riding in the rain...will hit you dead between the eyes if you have no front fender.


Fender Clearance, High beam (blue bulb)

Wayne Broderick /

Ree... I've got a lot of hardware stores nearby-- I don't want to lose my fender, but I would like to see thaqt 1/2 inch you're talking about. What should I look for? I know what a spacer is, but I'm triying to picture what I'll need to do.

Picturing it in my head.. "....a couple of bolts up on the top center of the fender-- those bolt it to the forks... Then there's the sort of 'tripod' support rods that connect to the axle for support....."

Am I going to be spacing near the axle, or the bolts, or both.. I saw some holes a little higher on the forks, but I always thought those were for a rack.

Another Issue-- I lost my little blue high beam light. Either the bulb popped or the connection came off. I was looking up under there (without taking off the cowling) and theres a single white wire, not connected to anything. All my other lights work fine.

Ree: Do you know if there is an extra white wire up under there? No hurry to fix, just doing the homework ahead of time.

Thanks as always-- You guys are great!

Fender Clearance (Re: Tires)

Wayne Broderick /

If I put better aggressive tires on, I'll absolutely have to increase the space.

No doubt.

Re: Fender Clearance, High beam (blue bulb)

Reeperette /

>>Ree: Do you know if there is an extra white wire up under there?<<

Yeah, and it gave me fits...I don't think it actually goes to anything.

There's space for three hookups in the back of the headlight, and only two clips....so there's one empty hole, and one wire hanging there...I forget if it's white or not, but I know there's an extra. - and it DON'T go to the headlight, no matter how it looks like it might....drove me nuts figuring that out one day.

As soon as I can stagger, and get the plugs I ordered...I will be back out there lookin at mine...so I can tell ya what color it is.

FYI, mosta the wire used in a Targa is "18gauge, threaded, primary wire" - in case you ever need some, most auto parts stores carry it, and the bulbs as well.

>>Am I going to be spacing near the axle, or the bolts, or both..<<

I usually space it from the top, but there's about half a dozen or more ways to do it...go with what works for you.


Ree, a Carb Question--for BiTurbo

Wayne Broderick /

I got the bi-turbo-- 2000 targa....

I didn't do the carb upgrade-- do you think I should or will need to?


Re: Ree, a Carb Question--for BiTurbo

hey upgrade carb it improves proformance and it will solve later problems you keep everything on that puppy the same

Re: Ree, a Carb Question--for BiTurbo

Reeperette /

Put a #56 jet in it.

I think stock is a #51 in a Targa...and if you just slam a BiTurbo on there. get a #54 and a #56, put the #56 in, and if it runs good, ok...if it's just a little rich (four strokes, etc) - try the #54.

BT tends to lean it out a bit, so go really easy on it.

You might also wanna up your oil intake by an extra 1/2oz per gallon.

And I checked the wir a minnit ago...the WHITE wire goes to the very center clip in the back of the headlight...the one hanging loose should have two GREY wires goin into the clip.

Hope that helps some,


Re: Fender Clearance (Re: Tires)

Reeperette /

I went out and looked today...there are four bolts holding it to the forks, and two to the axle...you can loosen those a bit, and then remove the four on the forks, and raise it up so it only uses two.

Only problem with that, is where the fender attachments will be, you'll have to pull the fender to adjust the brakes.


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