Any suggestions

SteelToad /

Ok, it's time for me to change the fluids in my 2000 Tomos Sprint. I thought I

would see if there are any suggestions as to how to do it easily before I take

any tools outside. I hate it when I try to work on it, only to have to come back

to the message board here asking what seems like a stupid/easy question.

This time I'll just look stupid up front and ask for a description that even an idiot

could follow :-)

Re: Any suggestions

Ataristyle /

I Use ATF(Mobil Dextron III). I drain the fluid and then put the drain plug back on after draining. I then pour some ATF into the bike through the fill hole. I use paper rolled up into a cone as a funnel. Now I take the plug out again to let the fluid out. This flushes it out. Next, I wrap some teflon tape on the drain plug screw and put it on. Be sure to put it on in the right direction. This will prevent the bike from dripping ATF on the ground(Happened when I bought my tomos). I take the overflow bolt out and put some teflon tape on it and leave it off. I fill the bike up with ATF untill it overflows out the hole and then put the bolt back in the overflow hole. I put the bolt on the fill hole and I'm done. Its that simple! I have a '98 Tomos Targa LX if you were curious what I had.

Good luck!

I always change the trans fluid 500 miles or every 3 months.

Swarm and Destroy!

Re: Any suggestions

Reeperette /

Put a drain pan under it, and tape a straw inside a common kitchen funnel...small one.

Beyond that, Atari's advice is as good as any i would give ya.


Re: Any suggestions

Wayne Broderick /

I was actually going to ask this-- The teflon tape was the only thing I missed last time --

I've got some 'duralube' ATF fluid-- Was going to try that in there for a 500 mile cycle... dint want to do any damage, but it says all over the bottle it can't hurt anything.

Maybe shake it up real good and mix in some on a 1 to 5 ratio each time I change the tranny oil?

Says to add one bottle (about a pint-- like the size of a dry gas bottle) to your auto tranny when you change...

Re: Any suggestions

Hi,Wayne! I think 1:5 is way too heavy.Maybe 1:16 would be better.But if I owned a nearly new bike like that,I'd go with Mobil 1 fully synthetic and forget the duralube.Just call Mobil and ask `tech-service' to be sure.I use synthetic in anything I really care about because of its superior heat resistance and resistance to thinning out.I've got it in my Merc Grand Marquis,my Eddie Bauer AEROSTAR van,and my 32 quart capacity shuttle-clutch tranny in my humongous backhoe.It has never showed discoloration,signs of burning,etc.Any moped of mine that has a requirement for automatic tranny fluid will get the best from me! BYE!

Re: Any suggestions

Hey Wayne, Do you think the Dura Lube might make the clutches too slick? I have held off putting synthetic ATF in for this reason. I was told by reliable repair shop to use ATF- type F , the differance in Type F and Dextron is -F- has a little more "gripping power". Let me know how it works out please. Doug D. in VA.

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