Why is my Motobecane do slow?

So I have a 87 motobecane mobylette, and as far as I know all the parts are original. It

Re: Why is my Motobecane do slow?


The title is supposed to be "why is my Motobecane SO slow?"

Re: Why is my Motobecane do slow?

Dave, do you mean '87or '78 ? I didn't think motobecane was still motobecane in '87, but MBK instead.

Why is it slow? Because it's a shitty moped

Thats why! Mopeds are the "nerds" of the world of two wheels. They are slow, akward, noisey, ugly and downright unappealing. They are the butt of jokes and their riders are laughed at as well. Do yourself a favor and get rid of it, there is nothing you can do to make it faster or nicer. Remeber the old saying "You can't polish a terd" Save your money and buy yourself a "real" motorcyle!

Re: Why is it slow? Because it's a shitty moped

Jamie Leonard /

Hmm... ever notice that some people feel the need to make fun of moped'ers?

Personally I suspect it's because they realize subconsciously they bought an overpriced, over-hyped, expensive to insure two wheeled thing that they worry so much about they can't have fun just riding it. Of course probably half of the ones buying sports bikes do it to impress other people anyways - substitute for poor self image if you ask me. (I mean whats the point of buying a bike that'll do 200mph.... WHEN would you use that? :)

Personally I think they envy moped riders the worry free, inexpensive, fun ride that doesn't worry about impressing anyone. I have fun on my moped, and have no desire to quadruple my insurance to buy a "real" motorcycle - for the way I ride it wouldn't go any faster, I don't care about impressing anyone, and I'd be too busy paying it off to have fun on it. :)

Rather nice when you can go out and get something cheap, simple, reliable - and just use it - that's real to me :)


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Re: oh, bhp, talk dirty to me! ;-)

Personally, I'm too young for a motorcycle my tomos does 50-65 with my bi-turbo. I only get passed on hills. I'm 15 and I like to ride double, it's something about the vibrations between my legs that does it. Just thought you'd like to know wink wink

Re: Why is it slow?

Great points, you

Re: Why is my Motobecane do slow?

Hi! Check for some kind of carbon build-up somewhere,especially at the engine exhaust port flange ,inside the muffler,and at the very rear of the muffler to see if you have a restriction.You deserve an answer and not a pornographic barrage from this imbecile bhp.BYE!

5 things to check

Reeperette /

#1 - Take the manifold off and see if it's internally restricted...not likely, but check..like, look down IN there, ok ?

#2 - This could be a mixture problem, too rich and you get four-stroking..gets louder, doesn't go no faster.

#3 - Poor chain/belt tension, again, unlikely, but a flopping chain does you no good at all top end wise.

#4 - Check the AIR intake and see if THAT is restricted...which is likely.

#5 - Bad plug gap, Timing, Points Gap....etc - if it's fine at one end and bogging at the other, that is something to check...bogging at the top end could be lagged timing, but I doubt that's what it is.

What it sounds like to me is that someone must have accidently or through not knowing better, replaced a part or two in there with the 20mph instead of 30Mph version on the carb.....and if so, find out which one and replace it with the right one.

One quick way to tell if it's overrich, is to ride it till it gets louder and stops accellerating, and then slowly, in very very tiny increments, back down the throttle...if while doing that, it reaches a point where it suddenly begins to accellerate.....you prolly have to either step down the amount of gas, or raise the amount of air - goin into the carb.

Lemme know,



Chris Robertson /

Have you measured your compression? What kind of numbers are you getting?


Re: Why is my Motobecane do slow?

Ron Brown /


What Don and Ree said sounds good. Also, a quick check is to pull the air cleaner and ride without it. If it is a lot faster, cure that restriction then work on leaning it out by checking the plug after a high speed "chop".

My Model 7s were 20 mph until I modified the air cleaner and reduced the main jet.


Re: Why is my Motobecane do slow?

Thanks guys, I

Re: Why is my Motobecane do slow?

Ray Sanders /


I had the same problem with my Mobylette 50V. I think mine is a 30MPH model.

Most everyone has give good advice, here is my .02 franc's worth.

New Plug (Bosch Platinum) $1.00

New Drive Belt (Available at any Auto Parts Store) $5 - $10.00 -

($20 -$30 on the web)

1 Can Carb cleaner (In spray can) $5

Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil $2

1 Can Easy-Off Oven Cleaner or Engine Degreaser (Spray Can)

6" Fuel Line $.50

Clean your carb, and your muffler, I'd bet your bike isn't getting enough fuel.

Pull the baffle off of your muffler, and clean the carbon off of it, and out of it

Easy-Off does a decent enough job, so does parts degreaser

If you can, pull the exhaust manifold off, and clean it out as well.

There was a huge federal recall of 1975-1980 Mobylettes as the brakes, and lights weren't up to federal specs. Hence, some of the 20MPH Versions floating around.

I may be luck, I'm not sure, but my bike would only do about 15-20 and would not go up hills at all. now I clock aout 35-38 on flat ground and about 15 up decent inclines.

Good Luck!

Re: Why is it slow? Because it's a shitty moped

i gree with the other guys if i wasnt 15 id be drivin a nice harley dyna glide then ill run yer ass over wit my bad beast

Re: oh, bhp, talk dirty to me! ;-)

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Re: oh, bhp, talk dirty to me! ;-)

Wayne Broderick /

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Re: Why is my Motobecane do slow?

Simon King /

Interesting. I didn't know that there was a recall on Motobecanes. Do you know what models were affected by this?

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