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Well, i just ordered new rings for my Carabela, and my Milani, two really rare minarelli based mopeds. The Carabela is a 58cc stock bike, and the Milani is a 49.9cc model. I was wondering what i should do for the break in period. I have heard anything from riding 100, 300, and 500 miles at half throttle. I have all heard about a weird series of revving. Any ideas would be appreciated. this the second time i changed rings on the Milani, the first time the siezed up in the piston.



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Re: Ring Break in Period

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We had a long thread on running in a couple of months or so ago. You may want to do a search.

By the way, rings do not normally seize, it is usually the piston. Mahe sure you have the correct ring end gap and measure it at a couple of places in the bore.


Re: Ring Break in Period

This is my experience (from books and practice).

There is a big difference between replacing just the rings and having a fresh bore. A lot of manufacturers don't recommend replacing the rings alone without boring out to the next oversize. If you do only replace the rings, you need to make sure you hone the cylinger. You can buy a kit at Murrays and you'll attach it to a variable speed drill, and hone the walls in an up and down, 45 degree angle pattern. Run in period for this is minimal.

If you bored it out, you should run the bike at widely varying speeds but not over 2/3 throttle, or 2/3 of your top speed. This is standard for all engine types, 2 and 4 stroke. Ron did a good job discussing this earlier and I highly recommend his advise. It is in line with everything I have ever read. Thanks, and I hope this helps.

Not much to it

The extensive break-ins that I have written about here are only for when you have a new piston, rings, and bore.

New rings really should have a fresh honed cylinder to go with them.

Then you can get back to a "good as new" seal.

Without honing.... not quite "as good as new" seal.

So... No new piston and bore?... No hone?... OK.. Then don't go full throttle for the first 15 minutes... Then you can ride it like the rings are 5 years old... You aren't going to hurt anything.

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