1984 Cosmo Colt HELP

Hello, I have just recieved a 1984 Cosmo Colt from a Friend. It Runs, i took it for a long ride just the other day (down to Newark, almost got killed for it, people jumped me but gave it back when they found out it was registered, thats a diffrent story) Well I have a few minor, well at least i hope, problems.

Problem 1: The back brakes are crap! When i engage them by squeezing the lever, the little lever the brake cable is conected to on my rear wheel brake stays stuck in that posiotion, so i cant move it out. Is there a way to fix that problem without having to mess with the internal parts ? Also the brakes suck to, they hardly stop. Let me know if i can Repair my brakes to atleast skid, incase of an emergency.

Problem 2: Bad Acceleration, i dont know to much about mopeds, i just got it a few weeks ago, but when i accelerate i go full throttle and it hardly moves, in speed, i dont know what is the cause of that. maybe someone here can help me.

But the top speed is a nice 35 MPH on a level surface, im not complaining about that...

Please see what any of you experts can do to help me, thanks


Re: 1984 Cosmo Colt HELP

not sure how to adjust your brakes, but if you get 35mph top speed, you're probably geared for high top end. that means you have to sacrifice acceleration. check the bike over and post some specificts: type of engine, type/size of carburetor, size of main jet, type of exhaust, size of front and rear sprockets (# of teeth). anything else you can think of.

there's probably a way to get some more bottom end (acceleration) w/o losing too much (or any?) of your top end. post all the above info and someone can help you.

and don't get jumped again! good luck.

Re: 1984 Cosmo Colt HELP

Hi! There is probably a brake lever return spring broken.It might be on the outside of the hub like most old `peds.If that,s not it it might be your cable sticking or the internal brake components corroded or broken.But look for the external brake lever return spring first.Most `peds have one on the front also so look at your front wheel and see if anything's missing.BYE!

Re: 1984 Cosmo Colt HELP

replace your brake cables when you accelerate does it do the sme t half throttle s it does when at full

Re: 1984 Cosmo Colt HELP

Hi,Ken! I just found out that some of the Cosmo Colts had a variator on a Morini 101 engine.Very hard to get parts for.I think my Cosmo Colt has a Morini M02,but I'm not sure yet.Did you fix your brake problem and what was it? Also,I'd like to know what engine yours has?Does it have a belt driven variator or is it a Morini with a plastic fill plug at the top of the side cover on the right side of the bike,or does it not have this plug at all.Thanks for any reply.

Re: 1984 Cosmo Colt HELP

Dave Jenkins /

I have a colt cosmo 1979. Any idea what one of these are worth. Thanks

Re: 1984 Cosmo Colt HELP

holy crap.....this post is four years old.

try starting a new post.

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